Huawei's new patent exposure, borderless design + under-screen camera, unprecedented design history

According to news from June 2, according to foreign media reports, Huawei’s mobile phone contains two latest patents, one is a new borderless mobile phone design, and the other is an off-screen camera. These two patents were applied for by the State Intellectual Property Office of China in October last year, and were officially published on June 2.

According to the exposed patent drawings, the Huawei mobile phone with an under-screen camera uses a similar waterfall screen design to the Mate30 Pro. The difference is that this screen extends from the front and back to the back of the phone, on both sides of the phone. There are no physical buttons on the bezel, and there are no openings on the front of the phone, only a button on the top.

Foreign media reports also mentioned that other mobile phone manufacturers have also studied or have developed prototypes equipped with under-screen cameras. It is initially estimated that mobile phones equipped with under-screen cameras will begin mass production and sales in 2021. The two devices in the patent picture have the same borderless and under-screen cameras, only the rear camera module is different, one is a circular four-camera, and the other is a vertical three-camera. Mate and P series.

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