Huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant blessed with HP Star 14 high-performance, thin and full-featured

Perhaps in the eyes of the older generation, it is not too much to describe the living habits of young people today as “lazy”. But in fact, it is not that young people have become lazy nowadays, but that society has become more diversified. When we are busy with work and have no time to cook, the food on the takeaway platform is both tasteful and convenient, why not do it; when we don’t want to travel by public transportation, just tap the screen on our mobile phone and the private car can stop to the building. Start at any time, saving time and effort. When Vlogger cuts a video, I want to open the video script outline for comparison and modification, but I am afraid that the exit interface will affect the operation. Can I directly call the computer to open the file? Travelers who want to check the weather at the destination when picking up their luggage at home, can they also directly ask the computer to check it? The answer is yes. In today’s severe homogeneity of notebook products, HP has implanted the Huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant into the HP Star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook. It can receive voice commands to help users complete operations, including timekeeping, Reminders, playing music, and querying the weather, etc., allow users to truly free their hands, but also change the way we work and live.

Smart “Huixiaowei” makes complexity simple

Before going to work in the morning, we often need to check the weather outside. Therefore, we usually unlock the laptop, open Baidu, and manually search for “weather”, and then the current weather and temperature will be displayed on the screen. The steps are very complicated.

It’s much more convenient to use Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant to check the weather. You only need to say “Xiaoweiwei, how is the weather outside now?” and Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant will immediately broadcast the temperature for you , Convenient and fast.

Not only that, after arriving at the company, the heavy work content will always make us ignore the time, and miss the meeting is not good. Therefore, we can directly say to the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook: “Xiao Weiwei, remind me to have a meeting in 55 minutes.” As a result, Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant will quickly help us create work memos, and will remind us to participate in the meeting when the time is up. This has become a guarantee for improving work efficiency, so that we will not make mistakes even if we are busy.

The tense meeting is finally over. In order to relax your tense nerves, you can also say to the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook: “Xinwei, what are the hot news today?” Huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant will start You broadcast the current news, so that you can easily know world affairs with your eyes closed.

At lunch time, while eating the delicious food delivered by the takeaway brother, he said to the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook: “Little, tiny, play XXX movies.” At this time, Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant will play the video for you silently. Moreover, when the screen is too dark and the sound is too small, Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant can easily adjust the brightness and volume for you after receiving your voice commands.

In the afternoon, when we were very busy, we suddenly received a call from the leader requesting to immediately book a ticket to Shenzhen tomorrow morning and book a hotel. At this time, when we open the booking website, we can ask Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant how the weather is in Shenzhen? After Xiaowei broadcast the weather in Shenzhen, we also checked the flight information without delay. Immediately afterwards, we opened the hotel reservation page and asked Huixiaowei’s smart voice assistant Shenzhen where it is more fun, and then we can locate the hotel nearby, and almost all operations can be performed simultaneously. Finally, we can quickly send the weather, flight, and hotel information to the leader. I believe any boss will be surprised by this efficiency.

After a long day of intense work, we will find that the Huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant that comes with the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has helped a lot. It not only can quickly solve our needs, but also allows us to truly free our hands and improve our work efficiency in all aspects.

Powerful configuration of both software and hardware helps office more efficient

What makes us amazed is not only Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant, but also the excellent hardware performance of Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebook. In terms of hardware configuration, it is equipped with the latest Intel eleventh-generation Tiger Lake U series processors and NVIDIA MX450 discrete graphics, which can perfectly meet users’ daily office, creative and light design needs.

At the same time, the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook can also choose up to 16G DDR4-3200MHz large-capacity memory and up to 1TB large-capacity high-speed solid-state hard drive. When running or switching multiple large-scale work software, not only will there be no lagging phenomenon, but also Let you feel the refreshing mood brought by the software in seconds. Of course, this set of configuration also allows you to play popular mainstream games in one breath. For example, “League of Legends” can run to more than 100 frames smoothly at the highest quality, allowing you to worry-free after work. .

In terms of screen, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is equipped with a 14-inch FHD IPS high-definition colorful full screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 84%, which can give you a wider field of vision, and the highest optional 400 nits, 72% NTSC’s high-color gamut and high-brightness display, not only can present you with richer colors, but also the screen display effect is more realistic.

One of the main reasons why Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebook has attracted the attention of young users is that its minimalist design is in line with the taste of young users. Its A and C sides are made of metal materials, and the surface feels fine and smooth, and it is not easy to stain fingerprints, which can keep your computer clean and tidy at all times. In addition, the body of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is as light as 1.41kg and as thin as 16.9mm. It can be easily carried and can travel with you freely.

Although the appearance is very small, the endurance of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has not been affected. In the MobileMark2018 test scenario, which is closer to the actual user experience, it has a long-term battery life of up to 8.25 hours, which is enough to cope with a full day of work. In addition, it also has a fast charging function, which can be charged with 50% of the battery in only 30 minutes, which can meet the needs of various out-of-office use scenarios such as business trips and mobile office.

It can be seen that the Star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook is not only an efficient and comprehensive productivity tool, it can also become your intimate intelligent partner. Its built-in Huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant can quickly help users complete operations through voice commands, and comprehensively enhance users’ happiness. All in all, how can you not be tempted in the face of a comprehensive product such as the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook? The most exciting thing is that now the Star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook is still participating in the New Year’s Festival at the official flagship store of Tmall HP China, and now you have the opportunity to receive a three-piece package and other benefits when you place an order. You quickly click the link below to buy it!

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