Hundreds of millions of users upgrade EMUI10 Next-generation EMUI 10.1 will be released with P40

Recently, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei's consumer BG software department, announced on his Weibo that the global user upgrade volume of EMUI10 exceeded the 100 million mark, which also became a milestone in the EMUI iteration process. At the same time, "Huawei's official Weibo" announced that the Huawei P40 series will hold a global online conference on March 26. According to past experience, the conference will also release the latest system at the same time, or will be named "EMUI 10.1" . According to industry sources, the P40 series may become the first annual flagship model with new systems pre-installed.

Why is EMUI10 popular with 100 million users?

Since the EMUI10 started internal testing of the Huawei P30 series in September last year, it took only three months to successfully break through 10 million upgrade users in late December. From late December to now, after just over three months, EMUI10 has welcomed 100 million upgraded users.

Behind such a rapid growth, the wonderful features of EMUI10 are inseparable, such as smooth connection, multi-screen collaboration, new UX interface, Morandi color matching, AI magazine layout and so on. In particular, EMUI10's unique "distributed technology" enables multiple devices to truly implement system-level hardware resource calls, breaking through the cross-terminal collaboration bottleneck that has plagued the mobile OS field for a long time, and truly creating "for users" HyperTerminal". He broke the barriers between different systems and realized the "multi-screen collaboration" between mobile phones and PCs; the "connected" calls between mobile phones and smart screens, tablets, AI speakers and other devices flow seamlessly. This is perhaps the most important reason why many users choose to upgrade EMUI10. What next EMUI 10.1 will bring to users more advanced experience through distributed technology, we might as well speculate.

At the same time, EMUI10's new UX design is even more eye-catching.It not only adds dark mode, magazine layout, but also introduces Morandi-style color changes, as well as golden ratio icons, smooth dynamic effects, etc. Has achieved a huge breakthrough in terms of face value and sense of operation. EMUI 10.1 may inherit this excellent gene, allowing users to obtain a new operating experience.

With a huge base of hundreds of millions of users, EMUI 10.1 may bring innovation in these areas

The base of hundreds of millions of users indicates that the "multi-screen collaboration" function that will shine in EMUI10 will continue to glow, and the "Changlianhuahua" function released in the Chinese market may be released overseas on EMUI 10.1. "Multi-screen collaboration", as an advanced tool to liberate productivity, its emergence has greatly improved the working efficiency of mobile office, achieving seamless connection between mobile phones and computers, and two-way drag and drop transmission of data without Type-C cable. It's never been easier for mobile phones and computers to be peripherals for each other. And "Changlian" has a very wide imagination space in the use scene.For example, when you see beautiful scenery during travel and want to share it with your family, you can share the beauty with the other party in real time, even if you are far away from Qianshan. Wanshui can have the same impression.

According to the EMUI "first flagship" convention, the Mate 30 series may upgrade the first batch

According to Huawei's previous practice, when the new version of the system is released, the previously launched flagship mobile phones will also be the first batch to be adapted. Therefore, as Huawei's top business flagship, the Mate30 series is expected to be the first batch to adapt to EMUI 10.1. After all, as Huawei's flagship Mate30 series in 2019, the EMUI 10.1 engineer team should put the upgrade and adaptation work on the agenda early. Yu Chengdong has publicly stated that in the third month of the release of Mate30, shipments reached 12 million, and it has an extremely large user scale. This will also be the source of confidence for Huawei Mate30 series to adapt to EMUI 10.1.

In addition, the latest models of Huawei P30 series, Honor and nova series also have the opportunity to upgrade EMUI 10.1 as soon as possible. After all, the Huawei P30 series stood out in the first half of 2019, and the video has achieved great results. When the P40 series comes pre-installed with EMUI 10.1, naturally it will not ignore the hot-selling P30 series last year.

If you want to experience the new features of EMUI 10.1 for the first time, you may wish to pay attention to the latest developments in the EMUI section of Huawei's official forum. It is believed that Huawei engineers have devoted themselves to the large-scale adaptation of EMUI 10.1, and spared no effort to bring more stable and humanized EMUI systems to users, and truly serve every user.