IDC announced the market share of China's high-end mobile phones in the first half of the year: Huawei and Apple accounted for 88.1%

Recently, the well-known market research agency IDC released the title "The 5G iPhone, which is long overdue, will it be able to "walk like flying"? "Analysis report.

The report pointed out that based on the current advancing speed of China's 5G market and the strong appeal of the Apple brand in China, the new iPhone is expected to inject new vitality into the relatively sluggish mobile phone market this year from the two aspects of terminals and applications, and continue to help the domestic 5G market Rapid development.

If you pay attention to the market of the iPhone 12 series in the price range above $600, in the first half of 2020, the capacity of the domestic market at this price range is about 23.5 million units, of which Apple can still occupy more than 40% of the market through the brand appeal of 4G models. .

According to IDC’s market share of smartphones in the price range above US$600 in the first half of 2020, Huawei ranked first with a 44.1% share, followed by Apple with a 44% share. The two divide the market share of 88.1% of high-end machines.

In other words, when Chinese people choose high-end mobile phone brands, Huawei and Apple are the first choices.

IDC believes that the iPhone 12 series will cover the price range of US$699 to US$1,099, and the starting price of the mini version is the same as that of the previous generation 4G model. Not only is the pricing easy to be accepted by consumers, the screen under its small size The proportion upgrade is also more friendly to the holding experience of a large number of long-term users of iPhone 7 and 8 series, which is expected to stimulate the desire of this part of the stock old users to change their phones. Therefore, Apple is expected to increase its market share in this price range.

IDC predicts that in 2020, global 5G mobile phone shipments will be about 240 million units, and the contribution of the Chinese market will exceed 160 million units, accounting for about 67.7%. In the next five years, China will continue to occupy about half of the global market share.

The core factors for China to lead the global 5G market include two points: First, compared with the global market, China's 5G terminal price strategy is more radical;

Second, China has a wider coverage of the user base in the mainstream price range. IDC data shows that the average unit price of 5G mobile phones in the international market in the second quarter was US$837 (excluding tax basis, the same below), while the Chinese market was only US$464.