IDC: oppo ranked top five in the global mobile phone market in the second quarter

Recently, IDC, an international data company, announced the global mobile phone market performance in the second quarter, showing that the global mobile phone shipment volume in the second quarter was 278.4 million units, a significant decrease compared with the first quarter. From the regional perspective, the Asia Pacific region (excluding China and Japan), Western Europe and the United States decreased by 31.9%, 14.8% and 12.6% respectively. 3%, with a slight decrease of 10%.

&In the second quarter, Huawei shipped 55.8 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 5.1%. However, due to the accelerated decline of the overall market, its market share still reached the highest level of 20% in history, ranking first. And this huge growth driver comes from the Chinese market, offsetting the sharp declines in other regions.

&It is worth mentioning that although oppo fell by 18.8% year on year in the second quarter, it still returned to the top five in the world with 24 million mobile phone shipments and 8.6% market share. Meanwhile, the report points out that about 60% of oppo’s shipment volume comes from China’s domestic market, which is also a key factor for oppo to remain in the top five in the world. In the Chinese market, series a has become a sales driver, while reno4 series has performed better than expected due to its competitive price.

Reno4 series is a 5g video phone launched by oppo at the beginning of June. It adopts the new Reno Glow crystal diamond technology and has a light and thin body design, with a thickness of only 7.6mm and a weight of 172g. In terms of image, oppo’s self-developed “moonlight night scene video algorithm” was first installed, which can optimize the image quality based on the multi frame dynamic pictures during video shooting, greatly improve the brightness and signal-to-noise ratio of the picture at night, and restore clear, clean and real night pictures; meanwhile, video super anti shake 3.0 supports pre video anti shake and mobile delay super anti shake for the first time. For high light ratio scenes, reno4 series supports live HD mode to achieve wide dynamic range for video shooting.

In addition, the reno4 series has a built-in 4000mAh battery and supports 65W supervooc 2.0 Flash charging technology, which can quickly charge to more than 60% in 15 minutes, realizing “5 minutes of charging and 4 hours of flash charging”, and the 4000mAh reno4 series can be fully charged in 36 minutes. In terms of price, reno4 8GB + 128GB version starts from 2999 yuan (USD $428) , and reno4 Pro 8GB + 128GB version is 3799 yuan (USD $543) .

&With its excellent configuration, excellent video performance and competitive price, according to Sano data, the sales growth rate of oppo 5g mobile phone was the highest in June, with a month on month growth rate of 50%, leading other manufacturers. The main reason is that the release and opening of reno4 series strongly promoted the sales growth of oppo, which can be called the number one contributor.

&What’s more, the data shows that up to now, the price range of 2500-2999 yuan (USD $357) is the price segment with the largest share and fastest growth in 5g mobile phone market, while the price of reno4 series is undoubtedly very accurate, so the sales volume has increased rapidly, and the market share has increased for four consecutive weeks, becoming one of the most competitive products in this quarter.