Ideal Auto once again responded to the mercury incident: the use and purchase of mercury in all links was zero

In the afternoon of July 5, news, a few days ago, the Ideal App had a reaction from riders, and the suspected discovery of mercury in Leading Ideal ONE seat sparked heated discussions. The ideal car official responded again to this matter:


1. The use and purchase of mercury (mercury) in all links of the ideal car’s parts, production, and manufacturing are zero! To make a smart electric car, the ideal car will not use it, and there is no need to use mercury. If mercury is found in the car, it must be caused by external behavior.

2. The characteristic of mercury is volatile, and users can still see that the liquid mercury must be left over in a relatively short period of time. For the characteristics and functions of mercury, it is recommended that you check the knowledge of encyclopedias online.

3. Mercury is highly toxic. Either the external objects containing mercury are damaged or spilled during the use link, or there is a suspicion of external poisoning. If the possibility of poisoning cannot be ruled out, the car owner is advised to report the case for handling.

A video uploaded by netizens shows that there are a lot of mercury beads rolling in the gap of the Leading Ideal ONE seat. The car owner then removed the seat, and the result was even more amazing. Traces of mercury were found in the gaps in the steel frame of the seat, the plates, and even between the leather seats of the seat.

Prior to this, Ideal Automobile issued a statement: Leading Ideal ONE does not use mercury (commonly known as mercury) in product design, raw material selection, manufacturing, transportation and delivery, and it complies with the “Requirements for Prohibited Substances in Automobiles” (GB/T 30512-2014) and Please feel relieved to use EU ELV and other hazardous substances related requirements.