Ideal Automobile CEO Li Xiang issued an internal letter: 20% share in 2025

Webmaster’s Home ( News on February 22: Tonight, Ideal Auto CEO Li Xiang issued an internal letter. In the internal letter, Li Xiang stated that the global sales growth of new energy vehicles will exceed most organizations’ forecasts. It is estimated that in 2030, 60% of new passenger vehicle sales will be accounted for. New energy vehicles are destined to grow extremely fast in the next decade. The ideal car must take at least 20% of the market by 2025.

In the letter, Li Xiang said that we are optimistic about the sales growth of new energy vehicles, but at the same time believe that under the influence of the epidemic and global debt, the global economy is uncertain. Based on this, we believe that the global annual sales of passenger vehicles will hover at 65-70 million units, and there will be no substantial growth. We predict that global sales of new energy passenger vehicles will be around 40 million in 2030, and China’s sales will reach 20 million.

The letter also stated that the end of the smart electric vehicle competition is the competition of data and chips, which will soon become a knockout tournament like the Football World Cup. Each brand will face the group stage to qualify and rounds of knockouts.

Li Xiang believes that the period from 2021 to 2025 is the stage of ideal cars from 1-10, that is, the stage of rapid development. The iconic challenge is that we have to become the leading company in the sales of China’s smart electric vehicle brands and get the ticket to the competition of leading companies in the global market. It is estimated that China will sell more than 8 million smart electric vehicles in 2025, and gaining a market share of more than 20% is a necessary condition for becoming a leading Chinese company.