Ideal car officially launched: market value of 9.724 billion US dollars

In the early morning of July 31, Beijing time, ideal car, one of the new forces of China’s car making, officially landed on NASDAQ. Ideal automobile held a special cloud ringing bell launch ceremony in Beijing R & D center. At the same time, ideal (stock code is & quot; Li & quot;) was officially listed on NASDAQ in the United States.

Prior to the listing ceremony, ideal auto announced its initial public offering of 95 million American Depository shares at a price of $11.50 per share. After listing, the market value of ideal automobile was $9.724 billion. So far, after NIO, ideal automobile has become the second new domestic automobile company to be listed in the United States, and the market value after listing is 3.324 billion US dollars higher than the 6.4 billion US dollars valuation of NIO automobile after IPO.

On the first day of listing, the stock price soared all the way, once rising more than 50% in the session. In the end, ideal closed at 16.46 yuan (USD $2) , up 43% from the opening, with a market value of $13.9 billion (about 97.422 billion yuan). According to the prospectus, Li Xiang, the founder, is the largest shareholder with 21.0% shares and 72.7% voting rights in ideal automobile, which means that Li Xiang’s worth exceeds 20 billion yuan overnight.

Looking back on the listing process, it took less than 20 days for the ideal car to be officially listed on July 30 from the IPO prospectus submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on July 11.

Li Xiang, the founder of the company, once said, “I have traded in 10 billion dollar companies and hope to open another 100 billion dollar company.”. &With the sound of listing bell, Li Xiang strides over the first step of 100 billion dollar entrepreneurial dream with his ideal.

The most important feature of the ideal car is the extended range technology. In addition to the first car Leading Leading Ideal ONE, the second product is also determined to adopt the extended range technology route. But earlier, the concept of “add range” was no longer mentioned in the product promotion of ideal car, and it was changed to “plug-in hybrid”;. Because it is considered as hybrid at the user level, license plate and subsidized vehicle are also equivalent to plug-in hybrid, so it is no longer subdivided into categories separately.