Ideal car V1.4 software release adds new car cleaning mode and assisted driving mileage statistics function

On October 19th, TechWeb learned from Ideal Auto that Ideal Auto will push the V1.4 version of the car software to users who have already picked up the car from October 20th. There are 20 upgrades and optimizations in this upgrade , The specific items are as follows:

1. Added car cleaning mode, which can be turned on in the control center or system settings-mode. This mode can avoid frequent unlocking during the cleaning process

2. Added vehicle center assisted driving mileage statistics (statistics will be displayed after the OTA upgrade is completed, the day after the first car is used)

3. Added Bluetooth connection to support iPad devices

4. Added a Bluetooth phone connection switch, the user can turn off the Bluetooth phone connection in Settings-Bluetooth Connection-Device Details, and only play Bluetooth media

5. Added Bluetooth music and local music lyrics cover matching function, which can be turned on in QQ Music-Settings. Bluetooth media matching needs to turn off the lock screen lyrics Bluetooth lyrics function in the phone.

6. New Bluetooth headset support models: BOSE QC30&QC35II, Sennheiser Momentum in ear, AKG K374BT, Edifier W800BT

7. Added long press on the air conditioning screen to quickly turn off the seat ventilation/heating function

8. Newly added air conditioning screen to adjust the air volume and increase the closing position

9. Adjust the recording strategy of the driving recorder, and no longer record during remote control and charging

10. Adjust the mobile phone Bluetooth automatic connection strategy, and start the connection after the main driver is seated

11. Adjust the upper limit of FM favorite radio stations to 30

12. Adjust the FM application to no longer play automatically when it is opened, and it is unified with the media application

13. Adjust the speed limit for manually opening 360 view from 20km/h to 30km/h

14. Optimize the steering wheel torque required for LKA to enter the pause state, and reduce the risk caused by the driver unconsciously entering the LKA pause state

15. Optimize the LKA penalty mechanism, and turn on LKA again after adjusting to P-position parking

16. Optimize the hand-off alarm strategy in the LKA state to extend the detection time and avoid frequent alarms

17. Optimize the shooting effect of the driving recorder to improve the clarity of shooting in low-brightness environments

18. Optimize the reservation charging logic, you can choose the reservation time period and the reservation charging mode

19. Optimize the 360-view brightness change range under automatic brightness when exiting a tunnel or underground garage

20. Fix the problem that the video of the driving recorder is overwritten due to the occasional time synchronization abnormality