Ideal for video conferencing Dell launches new smart 4K webcam

Recently, Yang Weiqi, vice president of Dell Technology Group Accessories Products Department, published a blog, announcing that Dell has launched the UltraSharp webcam. This product uses a large 4K Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor and a multi-lens to capture more light and present crystal-clear video effect. At the same time, it is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) with automatic viewfinder so that it can adapt to various settings and scenarios, making it an ideal choice for professionals and users pursuing first-class video conferencing experience.

The following is the full text of the blog from Yang Weiqi, vice president of the accessories product department of Dell Technology Group.

The new crown epidemic has permanently changed the role of video conferencing in people’s work and life. In just one week after the global blockade was implemented, the number of users who downloaded video conferencing applications reached 62 million. This is just the beginning. According to market estimates, the revenue of video conferencing will exceed US$50 billion by 2026. Although people will still attend important social gatherings and offline events after the epidemic eases, remote work has become the norm for many people, and people’s reliance on video conferencing will continue to exist.

Based on the insight into the needs of video conferencing, Dell decided to redefine the experience of using webcams. Today, the brand-new Dell UltraSharp webcam meets you all-this beautifully designed external smart 4K webcam, with 9 patents related to image quality, intelligence and seamless experience is pending, and will become a professional and Ideal for users who pursue first-class video conferencing experience.

Our original vision was to achieve the image quality of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras used by professionals and photographers. Then, our design and engineering team challenged themselves, hoping to develop a web camera that can meet the same image quality requirements of SLR cameras, while at the same time being smart and easy to operate. So, how did this vision come true?

4K webcam that surpasses the image quality of similar products in the world

Among similar 4K webcams, the Dell UltraSharp webcam stands out with its excellent image quality, which can present excellent video quality in various light conditions. Designers drew inspiration from SLR cameras, using a large 4K Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor and multi-lens to capture more light, presenting a crystal-clear video effect.

The internal structure of the Dell UltraSharp webcam

The digital overlay high dynamic range HDR technology of the Dell UltraSharp webcam can help achieve realistic colors and balanced exposure in any light conditions. The 3D/2D video noise reduction function can automatically remove image noise, allowing users to have an excellent state even in low-light conditions.

Leading the intelligent performance of similar products in the world, equipped with automatic viewfinder, intelligent security and other functions

As with the development of smart products for Dell’s business computers, we have equipped this webcam with smart features to adapt it to various settings and scenarios. Its automatic viewfinder function uses artificial intelligence (AI) to keep the user’s focus and center position in the screen, which is amazing.

Dell UltraSharp webcam automatic viewfinder video

Users can adjust the field of view between 65°, 78°, and 90°, with 5x digital zoom to ensure that it always looks perfect.

Dell UltraSharp webcams enhance the overall user experience by seamlessly integrating smart security features. First of all, it supports Windows Hello, which allows you to log in quickly and securely using facial recognition. Secondly, it has built-in Dell ExpressSign-in function to facilitate working with Dell computers: when you approach, the proximity sensor on the webcam will detect your presence, and the lock screen will automatically open; and when you leave, the computer will automatically lock The screen, no need to do it, adds an extra guarantee for user safety. In addition, it is equipped with a magnetic lens cover, which can be firmly attached to the front of the lens to protect the lens when the camera is not in use; when using the camera, the lens cover is attached to the back of the lens for safe storage.

In addition to having a series of smart functions, Dell UltraSharp webcams have also been certified by the world’s leading communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, making them the perfect tool for seamless collaboration.

A model of seamless connection among similar products in the world

Just a glimpse, you will be attracted by the ultra-high value of Dell UltraSharp webcams: smooth line design, textured all-aluminum cylindrical body, slim fixing bracket…different from most traditional webcams. The rectangular design of the Dell UltraSharp webcam is unique in its appearance design, which better integrates the camera and the display into one. In use, ensure that the interference of the lens is minimized, allowing users to focus more on the meeting instead of the equipment.

In addition, this webcam is also equipped with a stylish and convenient magnetic bracket and tripod adapter. Users can easily switch between the monitor and the tripod according to actual needs. It can be seamlessly and conveniently installed in similar products around the world. Only a handful of them. It is perfect for users to report in executive meetings, one-on-one meetings with customers, or live e-sports.

The Dell UltraSharp webcam (WB7022) will be on sale globally on June 29, starting at RMB 1,999.