Leading Ideal ONE reproduces the broken shaft accident! Official: The rear car hits the left front wheel directly

Just like every electric car brand has a unique label, Tesla is "cutting leeks", and the ideal car currently sold in big fire has received the "broken axle" label due to several broken axle accidents.

One month has passed since the broken shaft accident occurred on the 7th of last month. What I did not expect is that another shaft broken accident occurred in Leading Ideal ONE. It's just that the front left wheel of the vehicle hit a concrete flowerbed last time, and this time it was a serious two-car accident.

Recently, a video uploaded by netizens showed that the left front wheel of an Leading Ideal ONE had a broken axle accident, and the left front wheel fell off the outside of the car, which looked quite similar to the previous broken axle accidents.

It is worth mentioning that Ideal Official’s response to such accidents is also very timely and professional. Ideal Automobile’s official micro reply: At 11:15 on October 15th, a double-vehicle traffic accident occurred in Gu'an, Hebei, in a test car of Leading Ideal ONE. , Leading Ideal ONE collides with an overtaking vehicle behind it in the case of a U-turn.

The front of the rear vehicle directly hit the left front wheel of the Leading Ideal ONE, causing serious damage to the left front wheel of the Leading Ideal ONE, and no one was injured on the two vehicles. At present, the vehicle has been removed, and subsequent incidents will be handled according to the normal road traffic accident process.

From the official reply of Ideal, it is known that the axle break was caused by the "precise impact" of the rear car, which directly hit the left front wheel. However, when a normal traffic accident hits a side wheel, a broken axle will occur. This is expected to cause some netizens to question. What do you think of this?

In addition, since the beginning of this year, there have been several shaft breakage accidents in Leading Ideal ONE, and many consumers question the strength of the lower arm of Leading Ideal ONE. In this regard, the Leading Ideal ONE official also made a special statement in response. The details are shown in the figure below.