Imperfect U.S. infrastructure was complained: iPhone 12 can only use the slowest 5G network

Although the first iPhone to support 5G network has been released, for most Americans, iPhone 12 can only use the slowest 5G network.

According to CCTV News, the US Consumer News and Business Channel recently reported that due to the imperfect construction of related infrastructure, the current US network conditions cannot match the performance of some 5G mobile phones launched on the market. It is hoped that the network speed will be huge. The changing American people may not be able to do so.

According to reports, the mid-frequency band is currently the most common 5G network in the world, but it has not been widely constructed in the United States. The "50 states" 5G coverage that American operators boasted in advertisements refers to low frequency bands, which are faster than 4G networks, but are the slowest 5G networks.

The data shows that as of now, the download speed of 5G networks in the United States is only 1.8 times faster than 4G. In other 5G network countries that use "mid-band frequencies", the speed can be 5 times that of 4G.

Some analysts believe that using a new iPhone or any 5G device on today's American network is like owning a Ferrari sports car, but you can only drive on country roads.

Some bloggers said: “ This is the case, and I don’t have much motivation to upgrade to a new iPhone. The sub-6GHz 5G network speed has not increased significantly at all, and millimeter wave 5G base stations have been laid out very rarely .”

It is reported that iPhone 12 supports two modes of 5G network: millimeter wave 5G and low frequency sub-6GHz 5G. On the whole, millimeter wave 5G is faster, but the coverage is not as good as sub-6GHz 5G.

In view of the current coverage of the 5G network, Apple iPhone 12 also supports Smart Data smart switching technology. Simply put, it connects to the 5G network when 5G is needed, and connects to the 4G LTE network when 5G is not available, which can save power.