In addition to the configuration, what are the unique designs of the Honor Hunter game V700?

Although the configuration is the basis of a gaming notebook, it also determines its gaming experience to a certain extent. But in addition, the quality of the design will also have a great impact. For example, the temperature will affect the performance, and the addition of other functions will also have a great impact on the experience outside the game.

As Honor’s first gaming product, the Honor Hunter gaming laptop uses the Intel Core i7-10750H+Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card combination in terms of hardware. To put it simply, on the basis of being able to meet the daily game, it also allows you to experience the picture experience brought by the light chase game. Of course, the Turing architecture combined with the blessing of Tensor Core and this 6c12t processor make the Hunter game book not only suitable for playing games, but also for video editing, partial rendering and modeling.

Then I have to mention the heat dissipation of the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700. After all, for a laptop, especially gaming notebooks, the heat dissipation challenge is still relatively large. First of all, the i7 processor and NVIDIA’s optical chase discrete graphics card are big fans, and the body thickness of the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is controlled to 19.9mm, which is considered a thin version of the gaming notebook.

In order to control the overall heat generation, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 introduces a large air circulation area brought about by the Wind Valley design, as well as a heat dissipation module with obsidian and 240 heat dissipation fins, and adds dual 12V hurricane booster fans to ensure the entire The system has sufficient air volume for heat dissipation.

The first is this wind valley design. The bottom part of the Honor Hunter V700 uses a relatively complete structure, and does not provide many cooling holes like other products, which may give you a general feeling of heat dissipation.

However, when the user opens the notebook screen, the hidden wind valley will gradually open, forming a 8.5mm high heat dissipation duct that runs through the back half of the notebook. At the same time, in conjunction with the heat dissipation openings provided on the rear part of the side, the Honor Hunter gamebook has 4 air outlet positions, so that the heat blown by the two supercharged fans can effectively drain the body.

In order to disperse the heat, the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 uses a Heiyao radiator + 240 heat dissipation fins heat dissipation module. Among them, the heat conduction area of the obsidian radiator is as high as 28542mm², which can effectively conduct heat out. The heat sink fins use 240 pieces of 0.1mm ultra-thin copper alloy, and the combination of the two makes the overall heat dissipation area more than 100,000 mm².

In other words, the entire C-side and D-side of the Honor Hunter gamebook is equipped with a very complete heat dissipation module, so that the heat generated by the processor, graphics card and other components can be effectively transferred to other parts.

Therefore, in our actual test, after the Honor Hunter game was played for an hour, the maximum temperature of the C side was not only controlled to 44.5℃, but also concentrated in the middle right position of the entire keyboard. At the same time, the WASD and digital areas, which are mainly responsible for game operations, are cooler.

A Hunter button is also provided in the upper right corner of the Honor Hunter gamebook V700, which can switch performance modes with one click. The official provides three options of mute, equalization and mad fighting. In the silent mode, the whole machine hardly emits sound due to heat dissipation, which is more suitable for daily use; the equalized mode balances performance and noise, and is more suitable for applications with certain configuration requirements. As well as some online games; the crazy combat mode will fully open the performance and heat dissipation. Of course, the most important thing at this time is to provide continuous and stable performance, and the noise can naturally be compromised.

But fortunately, the fan sound of the Honor Hunter V700 is not annoying. It can be imagined as the wind blowing leaves, or the sound similar to rain, rather than the annoying sound made by some ordinary fans. After all, the cooling fan of the Honor Hunter game V700 has a large outer diameter of 85x80mm, and the number of fan blades has reached 79. With such a combination of large fan blades + thin fan blades, it is bound to be able to better control noise.

Another highlight of the Honor Hunter gaming laptop V700 is the RGB lighting effect that runs through the body.

The Honor Hunter gamebook V700 has added RGB lighting effects to the keyboard, Wind Valley and A-side LOGO. The result of this is that in actual use, except for the D side, which is almost invisible, the entire body of the Honor Hunter gamebook is almost surrounded by RGB lighting effects.

However, the light at the valley of the wind directly shines on the D side and the table, forming a visual experience similar to the bottom of the screen or the RGB light strip on the table. In other words, you can also understand it as the light running through the C and D sides of the machine, which not only allows players to create a more gaming immersion during the game, but also makes the wind valley structure more transparent, avoiding simple machinery sense.

In the built-in Honor Hunter Intelligent Game Center software, the official provides a variety of different lighting effects for Wind Valley, keyboard and LOGO. Of course, you can also choose your favorite color combination to create your own game style.

For me, I prefer to adjust the sound of the wind valley to a blue breath or a solid color, because the light effect can echo the blue decorative strip on the back half of the side, which looks more harmonious. Of course, it is also recommended that the official add lighting effects to the decorative strips in the follow-up products, so that more immersive light pollution can be achieved. As for LOGO lights, more can be used as ambient lights under general indoor light conditions.

The Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 is also equipped with a 16.1-inch large screen, with extremely narrow 4.7mm bezels on both sides. In terms of display effects, this screen has a resolution of 1920×1080, supports an ultra-high refresh rate of up to 144Hz, and has a high color gamut of 100% sRGB, which makes the game picture lifelike.

Next, let's talk about the other optimizations of the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 in terms of hardware and software.

The first is this keyboard. The Honor Hunter V700 uses a keyboard layout specifically designed for games. Not only has the size of each button been increased a lot, but the F function key area is designed like a desktop keyboard with a separate design, so that it is convenient for users to find the position of the button when typing. In order to install the full-size cursor keys, the relevant area is sunk, but the setting of the enter key in the lower right corner of the small keyboard takes some time to adapt.

At the same time, the power button with built-in fingerprint recognition function is arranged on the top of the keyboard. With the bottom-level optimization of Honor, it can not only realize one-click boot and complete identification, but also complete the operation of system loading + login in one step. And it can effectively prevent accidental touches, avoiding direct shutdown during typing or playing games.

The Honor Hunter gamebook V700 also has a series of traditional Huawei computer butlers built in, which can directly see the status and power consumption of the hardware, and can also upgrade and manage the drivers. You can see that the Honor Hunter game V700 has an updated version of the software installed by default. Of course, it also supports operations such as one-touch transmission and multi-screen collaboration.

In other words, the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 and Honor/Huawei mobile phones can also share screens and transfer files very conveniently. Coupled with higher performance, you can put the video and picture material shot on your mobile phone into your computer for editing at any time, or you can put the finished software in your mobile phone and carry it with you.

And the Honor Hunter game book uses the latest series of touchpad built-in NFC stickers design, making the entire C surface more simple, while preventing the stickers from falling.

This software also has a built-in highlight moment function. After it is turned on, the screen content of the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds can be recorded when the shortcut key is pressed. That is to say, when you play a wonderful operation in the game, you can let the system help you backtrack the operation, instead of waiting for the end of the game to save the game video, or directly into nothing.

Then there is the mobile game live broadcast mode, which allows you to use the computer to play the sound while using the computer to broadcast the mobile game while recording the sound using the phone’s microphone. In other words, you can use your mobile phone to operate, and then hand over the live broadcast task to the computer, so that you can have more options and settings without affecting the phone screen, and you can also reduce the pressure on the phone.

In addition, after turning on this mode, you can broadcast live on your mobile phone as you usually play games, and interact with the audience is very convenient, avoiding the need to wear two microphones at the same time.

It is precisely because of this that the sales of Honor Hunter V700 only exceeded 10,000 units on the day it was first sold, and the first batch of supplies was exhausted. Unlike the mobile phone field, the frequency of PC product updates is not too high. In addition, the Honor Hunter game book V700 itself is a 7K yuan file product. It is very surprising to achieve such results. In addition to encouraging sales, the Honor Hunter V700 has also won waves of praise, and countless consumers have praised its performance, appearance, screen, and feel.

Now that the curtain of Double Eleven has been opened, the Honor Hunter game book V700 has also joined the ranks of deposit pre-sales. Buy now to enjoy multiple discounts. Among them, the i5-10300H/16G/512G/GTX1660Ti version starts at only 7299 yuan (USD $1043) , and the two i7 versions with tight supply will also usher in a limited sale. Friends who plan to start the game in the near future can pay attention to it.

If you are still looking for a laptop that is strong and convenient for your college life or work in the next few years, the Honor Hunter game should be a good choice for you.