In addition to tiktok, there’s another app that’s popping up in the U.S. in China

During this period, the event that byte hop’s overseas application & nbsp; tiktok was suppressed by the U.S. government and restricted the sale of related businesses within 45 days was widely concerned. Many people are speculating that if tiktok is acquired or directly exits the US market, who will be the biggest beneficiary? It’s Facebook? There are others.

After the previous & nbsp; tiktok was banned in India, the US short video app & nbsp; Triller has seen an increase of 40 million downloads in the short term. But in the U.S. home market, Triller’s luck is not so good.

According to the data, in the past six months, the number one short video app download was & nbsp; tiktok, with 47.46 million downloads. The U.S. native application & nbsp; Triller is only 3 million times, ranking third. In the second place was likee, more than twice as many downloads as & nbsp; Triller, with 7.25 million downloads.

If you look through the information of & nbsp; like, you will find that & nbsp; like is also made by Chinese companies. It is developed by bigo, a subsidiary of huanju group. Huanju group is a Chinese company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and has a competitive relationship with byte jump.