In-depth cooperation Himalaya & Redmi Xiaoai Speaker Play joint speaker is online

On December 29th, Himalaya and Xiaomi Xiaoai Speakers reached a cooperation. The two parties will deepen cooperation in the content and hardware fields to empower each other. Himalaya will open more high-quality content for Xiaoai speaker users and provide multi-end replays for Xiaoai speaker users. Xiaoai speaker users will be able to access Himalaya high-quality content more conveniently. “Himalaya X Redmi Xiaoai Speaker Play” co-branded speakers will be launched at the same time, and users can purchase them on the Himalaya APP. In the future, both parties will further explore audio membership services.

Himalaya premium content has served more than 100 million Xiaomi users, and more than 30 million Xiaomi users listen to Himalaya audio programs every month. Prior to this, Himalaya has already cooperated with Xiaomi’s Xiaoai speaker, Xiaomi music, Xiaomi Internet radio and other products. After the Himalaya account and Xiaomi Xiaoai speakers are interoperable, all products of Xiaomi Xiaoai speakers will be able to communicate with Himalayan content and playback progress in real time, realizing the interconnection of multi-scene devices. The Xiaoai Speaker App will also increase the entrance of Himalayan content, allowing users to access and select favorite content more conveniently.

According to public data from the market, the Xiaoai speaker series has sold more than 22 million units in the three years since its launch, and the cumulative number of wake-ups has exceeded 31.9 billion. It also ranked first in both online smart speaker category sales and sales in the first half of 2020. Xiaoai speakers can not only control Xiaomi IoT platform devices, but also nearly 100 other IoT platform devices. The virtual AI assistant Xiao Ai has awakened more than 61.7 billion times, the number of monthly active users of Xiao Ai exceeded 78.4 million, and the number of activated Xiao Ai devices exceeded 228 million. The number of connected devices on the Xiaomi AIoT platform exceeds 289 million (excluding mobile phones and laptops) and continues to lead the industry.

After the two parties have reached in-depth cooperation, relying on Xiaomi’s AIoT ecological scene, Himalaya content will reach Xiaomi users in more scenes such as home and in-car. Himalaya will also use AI big data capabilities to enhance the user’s on-demand experience for Xiaoai speakers, and improve Xiaoai’s accuracy in the on-demand audio content scene, so that users can easily continue to broadcast the content even if the scene is switched. The two parties will continue to polish the joint operation service, refine the operation of high-quality content, and enhance the user experience and listening experience of Xiaoai speakers. In the future, with the help of Xiaomi’s ecological capabilities in hardware terminals such as smart speakers, smart homes, and smart wearables, Himalaya will also further strengthen its full-scene ecological layout.