In order to avoid punishment, Honda chose to form an alliance with Tesla

Currently, all countries have high environmental protection requirements for the automotive industry. Car companies that fail to meet environmental protection targets will face fines from the government. Car companies have to reduce the displacement of their car engines over and over again, and even share the indicators with electric car companies.

According to foreign media sources, Honda and Tesla will form an alliance to share carbon dioxide emission quotas to avoid penalties for substandard carbon emissions. Of course, this sharing behavior requires money, and the cost is estimated to reach 100 million US dollars.

In fact, Honda is not the first car company to have carbon emissions with Tesla. Tesla earned more than $1.4 billion in revenue from the sale of carbon emission allowances between 2016 and 2018. These car companies include Fiat Chrysler. . Last week Ford also announced that it will share carbon emission allowances with Volvo and Polestar.

According to the latest regulations of the European Union, the average carbon dioxide emission of newly sold passenger cars cannot exceed 95g, and if it does not exceed 1g, a fine of 95 Euros will be imposed. This regulation is very strict. Therefore, many car companies will invest more money in electric vehicles or hybrid technology.

Secretary's comment: I know the truth. If it is not for the environmental protection of the earth, who would give up such a fun thing as a gasoline car? At present, Honda's first electric car has been launched overseas. It looks like the Euler Black Cat and the price is close to 300,000. Indeed, China's policy of vigorously developing new energy vehicles is correct.