In the first year of the outbreak in the Chinese market, realme 618 ranks among the top 2 Android sales

On June 19, realme announced the 618 closing report: realme 6.1-6.18 cumulative mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million units, ranking firmly among the top 2 Android mobile phone brands of and! Won the champion of sales growth of mobile phone brands on the three platforms of, Tmall and

The flagship goalkeeper, the GT Neo, won the 1500-2000 yuan (USD $214) price range of and became the hottest item of this year’s 618. At the same time, the realme series products have gained a large number of fans by virtue of their fashionable design and leapfrog performance, and the number of fans on the e-commerce platform has exceeded 30 million.

Xu Qi, vice president of realme and president of China region, issued an open letter stating: “Today’s achievements of realme are undoubtedly milestones. After this battle, we are even more convinced that 2021 is the first year of the outbreak of realme in China. Realme will firmly establish itself as a 5G popularizer , Will always provide consumers with more surprising products in the price range, and challenge the first echelon in the industry.”

Realme has entered the Chinese market for two years. As a pioneer in 5G popularization, it has created a variety of 5G smartphones with leapfrog performance and fashionable design, providing young people with more price range and aesthetic choices. In this 618, only 16 days have reached a million-level sales, and achieved good results of TOP2 Android brand sales, allowing realme to complete the transformation of its role from chaser to challenger. It is believed that under the “comprehensive 5G” strategy and the “dare to leapfrog” excellent product strength, Realme will achieve its new goal of achieving domestic sales of tens of millions of levels.