In the past five years, the company's invention patent list released OPPO ranked top five

Recently, Qichacha announced the top 20 list of the number of invention patents in the past five years. In the list, OPPO successfully ranked among the top five, becoming the only company among the top five companies whose main business is mobile phones.

In recent years, OPPO has also continued to conduct scientific research. From such as OPPO’s announcement that it will invest 50 billion in various research and development, to the opening of the Bell Program and major universities at home and abroad to conduct research and technology research, it is all seen that OPPO is researching research problems. Investment. For example, not long ago, OPPO and Tsinghua University jointly announced the establishment of a joint research center for future terminal technology. Research work on human-computer interaction technology, cognitive computing, computer vision, and computational photography, and research on future terminal and wearable device industry applications, so as to better serve the national innovation-driven development strategy and ultimately enable users Experience the changes brought about by technology.

According to OPPO official news, as of Q2 of 2020, OPPO's global patent applications have exceeded 49,000, and the number of authorized patents has exceeded 19,000. It ranks in the forefront of patent applications in 5G, AI, imaging and other fields. In the field of 5G communication, OPPO continues to distribute in more than 20 countries and regions around the world with 5G communication standard patents. In the field of fast charging, OPPO has applied for more than 2,800 patents worldwide, and VOOC flash charging has become a beautiful business card for OPPO's patent "going out". In addition, OPPO has various strengths in AI and imaging, and has a series of patents.

Many of OPPO's patents have brought consumers a better user experience. For example, the super flash charging technology developed by OPPO. With this technology, OPPO provides many users with a more convenient and fast charging experience. The 65W super flash charging allows users to quickly replenish the power in a short time, which greatly improves users’ Use experience. We have made technology create a more convenient life for users.

We also believe that OPPO, as a young technology company, will uphold the concept of "development, focus, and empowerment" to provide us with better technology products.