Intelligent floor recognition, automatic route planning, Stone T7 is smarter

The sweeping robot has come into people's field of vision as an artifact to save people who have to sweep the floor after a tiring day. As the loft type is accepted by more and more young people, most of the sweeping robots are a little confused-they can't distinguish the floors. Even with how powerful the route planning function is, once they can't identify the floors, they can only become blind.

To this end, Stone T7 and T7 Pro have specially added automatic floor map recognition, which can store up to 4 maps. When changing floors to clean, it will automatically recognize and load the floor map to complete the cleaning task.

Apart from conventional virtual walls and partition cleaning, Stone T7/T7 Pro also has many smart functions based on floor map recognition. "Smart mopping restricted area" after installing the mop bracket, the restricted area will take effect immediately. The sweeping robot will not enter the mopping restricted area, dirty the ground, and will not wet the carpet. After the mop bracket is removed, the restricted area is automatically lifted, and at the same time, the intelligent recognition of the carpet increases the suction power and sucks all the dirt out.

Intelligent breakpoint continuous scanning, when a single cleaning power is insufficient, it will automatically recharge, intelligently determine the power required in the remaining area, and prioritize cleaning tasks after charging to the required power, and then return to the charging area to replenish its own power, which greatly saves waiting time. Intelligent voice control is also essential. Really move your mouth and make your home clean.

Currently, Roborock T7 and T7 Pro sweeping robots have opened appointments, and the price guarantees Double Eleven. Take Jingdong self-operated as an example, Stone T7 saves 500 by appointment, 2399 yuan (USD $343) in hand, and 40 pieces of disposable mop will be sent; Stone T7 Pro saves 900 by appointment and only 2999 yuan (USD $428) in hand. Pre-order to get smart speakers! The first 1000 people who pay the balance will send water to wash the filter.