International Data Privacy Day–Huawei will keep privacy and security together with you

In the era of the Internet of Everything, users are generating more and more data on the Internet, and personal data protection has become a focus of attention. Every January 28th is “International Data Privacy Day”, which aims to raise people’s attention to privacy and data protection, enhance protection awareness, and take practical actions to protect personal information security.

How to protect the privacy and security of users is the top priority of the consumer terminal provider-Huawei. On January 28th, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said on Weibo: “Today is #国际数据私日#. Because privacy is a basic right of users and a valuable asset of users, we will “innovate technology to protect privacy” The concept is deeply rooted in the whole process of product production. For example, functions such as photo sharing and desensitization on Mate 40 series mobile phones, screen information hiding, and limited advertising tracking can provide users with better privacy protection and a better experience. This year, Huawei’s consumer business will make further efforts in Hongmeng and full-scene privacy security, strictly guarding user privacy data, and using innovative technology to bring consumers a more secure experience.”

Although Huawei has done a lot of work on privacy security protection, privacy security itself is a huge project that requires the entire industry chain including terminals, chips, and mobile Internet applications to go hand in hand. For the majority of consumers, on the one hand, it is necessary to increase the importance of personal privacy data, and on the other hand to master certain privacy data protection functions as much as possible. Below is a list of nine Huawei’s latest privacy and security protection features to make your private data more secure when you use your phone.

First, the “casting message hiding” function. When your mobile phone is cast to the big screen, the incoming call and new message notifications will only be displayed on the mobile phone, not on the big screen, so you don’t have to worry about privacy on the phone. Information will be exposed to the public;

Second, restrict ad tracking. After the restriction function is turned on, advertisers will not be able to get your advertising identifier, and your characteristic data and browsing data will all be deleted, so that advertisers cannot push you personalized ads. Stop keeping track of you.

Third, Huawei browsers block tracking cookies, which can effectively block cross-site tracking behavior, avoiding that users can see advertisements for this product when they browse other web pages after viewing a product. This is a third-party tracking Cookies cross-site advertising to users.

Fourth, the new “Photo Sharing Desensitization” function, when you use “Huawei Share” to send photos to friends, you can choose to remove the photo shooting location, time, equipment and other information, share the wonderful, but not share the privacy;

Fifth, you don’t want to expose your own environment when you communicate smoothly. You can choose to blur the background environment or use other virtual scene pictures as the background to avoid the embarrassment of exposing the environment;

Sixth, when the user selects “Changlian Video Alarm” when dialing 110, the video alarm can be dialed (currently only applicable to Guangdong Province, and starting from 2021, the Ministry of Public Security will continue to promote its use in all provinces across the country);

Seventh, provide encryption for a single message in the memo. You can “lock” a single memo. Just add a note lock in the “More” setting at the bottom of this memo to fully protect your private messages;

Eighth, the microphone/camera/location provides the functions of “single authorization per inquiry” and “allowed only during use” to minimize authorization;

Ninth, through the Sports Health Privacy Center, users can control to whom data is shared, withdrawn from sharing and data backup, etc. Only you know your information.

(The above functions require EMUI 11 and above)

Future-oriented smart life applications will become more and more abundant, and privacy protection and data security will face greater and greater challenges. For Huawei, consumer privacy and network security protection are not only selling points, but also the bottom line. This year, Huawei’s consumer business will continue to deploy Hongmeng and all-scene privacy and security through the application of innovative technologies. Let us wait and see.