Internet rumors come true! NIO's free power replacement rights will be adjusted in October. If you don’t book a car, place an order

A few days before, there was a spread on the Internet that “the right to free replacement of electricity for life in mid-to-late August will have a major decline.” In this regard , the NIO car official also personally said that the current life-long free battery replacement policy has not been cancelled, and users of new cars can still enjoy free battery replacement services.

However, looking at it now, the rumor is true, and the free lunch cannot be eaten forever.

On August 20, NIO announced that it would adjust the rights and interests of free power exchange for fixed users (deposit 20,000 yuan (USD $2857) ), which will be officially implemented on October 12, 2020. Users who have paid for Dading and who have already picked up the car before October 11, 2020 (inclusive), the free electricity exchange rights remain unchanged.

details as follows:

For users who have already picked up their cars and those who have paid for the scheduled date and scheduled to pick up their cars before October 11, 2020 (inclusive), the free electricity exchange rights remain unchanged:

In the NIO battery swap system, the first car owner who drives to the swap station can enjoy free nationwide battery swap service for life. Nationwide, unlimited distances, unlimited times, and unlimited replacement of power stations.

For users who pay for Dading starting on October 12, 2020, the free power exchange rights will be adjusted:

Users who give up exclusive stake rights: The first 6 battery exchanges each month are free.

Users who retain free exclusive stake rights:

Only the electricity fee will be charged for the first 6 battery exchanges each month, and the service fee will be waived.

Starting from the 7th replacement service, the full replacement fee will be charged. The standards are as follows:

Replacement cost = replacement unit * (electricity fee + service fee) where the replacement unit is the difference between the two batteries before and after the replacement; the electricity fee is the electricity price at the location of the replacement station; the service fee will be priced slightly higher than the replacement station The charging level of nearby operational fast charging piles.

Electricity prices and operating costs vary greatly from place to place, and the specific costs can be found on the NIOApp-Charging Map-Swap Station Details Page. Non-first owners and operating vehicles do not enjoy the rights of free replacement of electricity, and the charging standard for replacement of electricity is the same as above.

Since the first swap station was put into operation on May 20, 2018, as of today, NIO has built 143 swap stations, providing users with more than 800,000 battery swap services.

We will update the free power swap rights of the first owner from time to time based on the operation and actual usage of the swap station. Users who have already picked up a car before the implementation of the new policy will not be affected by the rights adjustment.

Starting from October 12, 2020, NIO will no longer provide free exclusive stakes for one-year energy worry-free package service.

In general, the adjustment of NIO’s free power exchange rights has undergone great changes. This is also the only way for NIO cars to succeed in large-scale.

But on the other hand, after the scale effect of NIO cars came up, the threshold for buying cars has become lower and lower. Such changes in car owners’ rights and interests are entirely the result of market choices.

Therefore, friends who are interested in buying NIO cars, take advantage of the more than one month buffer period, hurry up and place an order.