IOS 13 personal hotspots disconnect from ills: Apple finally hits

Are users who are using iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 encounter personal hotspots?

According to foreign media reports, Apple confirmed the problem in an internal document issued to authorized after-sales outlets, manifested as personal hotspots failing to connect, devices disconnected after more than one, or poor data transmission performance.

Earlier user feedback, personal hotspot bugs can even be traced back to iOS 13.1.2.

At present, the temporary solution given by Apple is to turn off the personal hotspot and restart, and emphasize that this is not a hardware problem, please customers to keep the software version up to date.

It is speculated by the outside world that the official version of iOS 13.4, which will be launched next Tuesday, is expected to completely fix the problem.

iOS 13.4 seems to be an important upgrade. Other contents include iCloud support for shared folders, email toolbar refactoring, new emoji packages, cloud recovery system, touchpad optimization (iPadOS 13.4), and more. It is even rumored that Apple Pay will implement Alipay integration on iOS 13.4, wait and see.