IOS 14 code exposure iPhone 12 will use TOF 3D lens

Prior to the iOS 14 code exposure, some snippets indicate that the iPhone 9 will use a 4.7-inch screen, and the iPhone 9 Plus will use a 5.5-inch screen, and both will be equipped with A13 processors.

Now more and more codes of iOS 14 are exposed, and a new iPhone codename "d5x" has appeared recently. The previous codename of the iPhone 11 series is "d4x", so this phone is likely to be a new iPhone 12 series. .

The code shows that "d4x" will use a TOF 3D lens. Therefore, the iPhone 12 Pro is likely to use rear four cameras, including the main camera, telephoto, ultra-wide-angle lens, and TOF lens. Earlier reports also said that the iPhone 12 will use a 64-megapixel lens, but the code exposed this time does not confirm this.

TOF lens can improve the portrait shooting effect of Apple mobile phones, such as custom depth of field. In addition, the TOF lens can also be used with AR effects to draw pictures with 3D information.