IOS is not secure? iPhone exposed multiple applications may be stealing information!

As mobile phones gradually occupy an important position in our lives, the issue of mobile phone privacy has been repeatedly mentioned, and the Android system has encountered many storms due to its openness. However, even the IOS system known for its closedness and security cannot escape the problem of leaking privacy.

Even though Apple has always kept user privacy in mind, there are still obviously a lot of loopholes. According to foreign media reports, the latest research by security experts Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk found that there are as many as dozens of popular iOS applications Programs have the potential to violate user privacy. They can read the contents of the clipboard without the user's permission, even including some sensitive information.

Although most of the time, users copy and paste some irrelevant content, but it is inevitable that some people will save different passwords of multiple accounts that are difficult to remember in applications such as notes, and copy and paste directly when using. Risk of privacy breach.

Obviously, Apple is not aware of this problem, and there are a lot of negligence in the permissions of the clipboard, so that many popular social network applications and news applications have such problems. However, security experts said they have submitted relevant research reports and issues to Apple, and they have noticed this issue and will begin to deal with it.