iOS14 Beta 6 beta update, adding AirPods Pro spatial audio

Apple today pushed the sixth beta version of iOS 14, including the developer beta and the public beta. In this update, in addition to regular BUG fixes (and other BUG additions) , the “spatial audio” function mentioned in WWDC20 has also been officially added, as well as a new bus card.

The biggest highlight of this update should be “Spatial Audio”, which is turned on in Settings-Accessibility-AirPods, and needs to be used with AirPods Pro and multi-channel video. The actual effect is better for you to experience it yourself, and iPad OS has also added support for this feature.

In addition to spatial audio, iOS 14 also adds a switching function, but the actual experience is still not ideal. The new battery reminder function allows users to know when to charge the headset, as well as new enhancements.

The new version also adds the Xiamen bus card, the card opening method is the same as before. Moreover, this card belongs to the scope of transportation union and can be used in most cities in China.

Apple has also adjusted some UIs such as the desktop, and updated the baseband files, but considering the relatively large number of BUGs in the beta version, it is still not recommended to use the main machine for experience.