IP12 latest renderings exposed, rear three cameras + lidar

Recently, the Internet has been looking for discussions on whether the iPhone 12 Pro will support the 120Hz refresh rate, but there is no particularly accurate and reliable news to confirm it, but it has been confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro will support the lidar function. On August 27th, Twitter user @apple idesigner released the latest renderings of the two iPhone 12 Pro products, showing us the navy blue color scheme, and the LiDARP lidar module was found in the camera position.

As can be seen from the renderings issued by the blogger, the iPhone 12 Pro/Max follows the frame design of the previous iPhone 4 series, with smooth and bright edge transitions. The colors of the body of the two products are gray and navy blue respectively. It can be found that navy blue is more biased towards gray and black, not particularly bright blue. The texture of the fuselage looks much better.

The top of the fuselage is a raised rear three-camera camera module with a built-in LiDAR laser focusing module, which can be used for auxiliary autofocus and subject monitoring in video and night modes. The appearance is not much different from the previous online exposure. This return to the iPhone 4 design can make this year’s iPhone 12 more iconic and should be more popular with consumers.

The current news confirms that the two Apple iPhone 12 products have been put into production and will be shipped in mid-October; the two iPhone 12 Pro products will have to be put into production in September, and they are expected to be shipped in early November. The first generation of iPhone 11 is basically the same, and now it’s time to wait for the official announcement of the September Apple conference.