iPad Air 4 detailed configuration broke the news, equipped with A14X processor

Last year, Apple released the iPad Air 3 tablet computer. Although the design has not changed at all, it uses the second most powerful A12 processor, which is enough to move all fruit fans. This shows that Apple has not given up on the iPad Air series. So what the next generation of iPad Air will look like, there are already breaking news on Twitter.

According to a Twitter source @Komiya, the next-generation iPad Air will have an iPad Pro design, support Face ID, a screen size of 11 inches, a USB-C interface, and 4 speakers.

There is an ultra-wide-angle lens on the back of the fuselage, equipped with an A14 processor, providing 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage, starting at $649, equivalent to 4504 yuan (USD $643) .

If this is the case for the next generation, the iPad Air 4 will not be much different from the iPad Pro 2018. The subsequent iPad Pro may also discontinue the small-size version, and the large-size version will be developed in a more professional direction.