iPad mini 6 renderings are exposed, do you think the full-screen design is good?

Looking back at the release of the iPad mini 5, it is already the fall of 2019, and many fans are looking forward to the new generation of iPad mini updates.

Recently, the well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser and the FrontPage Tech team produced a series of renderings of the iPad mini 6 based on relevant design drawings and revelations.

According to the news, the iPad mini 6 will adopt a full-screen design similar to the new iPad Pro, but the body size will be the same as the existing iPad mini 5 (7.9 inches). In other words, the new iPad mini will have a larger screen size.

In addition, the Touch ID sensor of the iPad mini 6 will be integrated into the power button like the iPad Air 4. According to relevant sources, iPad mini 6 will also improve the speakers, and the sound quality is “very good.”

In the interface part, iPad mini 6 will also abandon the Lightning interface and use the USB-C interface instead. In terms of colors, there are three options: silver, black and gold.

Jon Prosser also said that there will be a new Apple Pencil that will be unveiled together with the iPad mini 6. It is speculated that it is a smaller stylus designed for the iPad mini series, but related rumors will not be confirmed until the official release.