iPad Pro Update! No increase in price, equipped with a new A12Z processor starting at 6229 yuan (USD $890)

On the evening of March 18, Apple's official website quietly updated several long-awaited products: iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. Among them, the upgrade of the iPad Pro cannot be ignored. With this update, the iPad Pro is one step closer to the direction of productivity tools, as Apple ’s own advertising said: Your next computer, why it is a computer.

First let's see what the new iPad Pro itself has upgraded. First, the screen is still Liquid Retina display technology, supports 120Hz refresh rate, supports original color display, and supports P3 wide color gamut. There are two screen sizes, 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

The camera has been upgraded from the original single-shot to three-shot, 10 million ultra wide-angle lens + 12 million wide-angle lens, and the other is a lidar scanner, which can sense within 5 meters using lidar technology and ToF technology Space, increasing unlimited possibilities for augmented reality (AR).

When it comes to AR, this will definitely require powerful computing power. The new iPad Pro is equipped with a new A12Z processor. Unlike the A12X, the number of GPU cores has been upgraded from 7 to 8 cores. It can edit 4K videos and perform tasks such as 3D design and augmented reality. It is unclear whether the CPU has been upgraded.

There is no doubt that the iPad Pro is more powerful and professional in terms of performance, and Apple is also trying to make the iPad Pro more productive in form. First of all, Apple updated the iPad Pro smart keyboard, adding a touchpad without changing the full-size keys. For this reason, Apple still uses a unique suspension design to give the keyboard more space.

In addition, there is a Type-C interface on the Magic Keyboard that can charge the iPad Pro. On the new iPad OS, Apple has optimized the mouse cursor to allow users to use the mouse as close to Mac OS as possible.

The above update shows that Apple is bringing the iPad Pro into the professional field, and the title of entertainment tablet is gradually disappearing on the new iPad Pro. Maybe when we have this set of equipment, we will unconsciously think about how to use it to create, instead of thinking about playing a game, chasing a show or something.

In terms of price, it is slightly discounted from the previous generation. It is unchanged from 6,229 yuan (USD $890) , but the initial storage is 128GB (the 64GB for the 2018 model). Another 1TB storage is optional, the highest price can reach 13099 yuan (USD $1871) , the release date is to be determined. There are two models of the new Magic Keyboard, the 11-inch version is priced at 2399 yuan (USD $343) , and the 12.9-inch version is priced at 2699 yuan (USD $386) . The release time is yet to be determined.