iPhone 11 Pro Max accidentally fell into "artwork" This ice crack is absolutely gone

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. On weekends with plenty of time, many people can even spend a dozen hours on their phones. Because of the high frequency of mobile phone use, we need to take good care of it. If no protection measures are taken, the following netizen will appear, but not everyone has such good luck.

IPhone 11 Pro Max that broke the ice crack (source Weibo)

IPhone 11 Pro Max that broke the ice crack (source Weibo)

A few days ago, a digital blogger posted two pictures on Weibo. In the picture is a silver version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Judging from the plastic film below, it should be just out of the box. However, this is clearly the "scene of the accident." The silver version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max did not know what caused it to fall. The glass on the back of the phone was broken, and there was almost no complete place. As the blogger said, this is probably the most artistic iPhone 11 Pro Max, with diamond patterns that are unique and hand-made in the world.

However, some people think that this artistic iPhone 11 Pro Max is more like the texture of ice cracked porcelain in China. This kind of porcelain with extremely complicated manufacturing process gives an infinite natural beauty.

Of course, ridicule is ridiculous. If you don't want your mobile phone to become the next ice crack special mobile phone, you must be careful to protect it. Even if the phone case cracks beautifully, the internal components are likely to be lost.