IPhone 12 again exposed the real device settings page 120Hz high brush stable? Not necessarily. . .

Home of iMobile Phones, August 26. After the news about the iPhone 12’s corresponding press conference cycle was previously exposed, @Jon Prosser yesterday released another video containing the actual iPhone 12 information. Of course, Jon Prosser emphasized at the beginning of the video. The page shown in the video is based on a PVT version product, which is what we call the engineering verification machine, but he also emphasized that this is the last version of the engineering machine before mass production, so the reference value of the corresponding information is still high.

Image source @Jon Prosser

First of all, Jon Prosser showed the camera settings page, from which you can see that the LiDAR function is not absent (iPhone 12 Pro Max version confirmed), supports noise reduction enhancement, and can shoot up to [email protected]/[email protected] slow motion video.

As for the display, Jon Prosser insisted on confirming that the iPhone 12 series will support 120Hz high refresh rate, and released specific settings page options as proof. In order to enhance credibility, in addition to screenshots, Jon Prosser also released the corresponding options. Dynamic video.

We can see that there are indeed “Enable High Refresh Rate” and “Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate” options in the display options, but the remarks options also indicate that the PVT version engineering machine needs to be verified. Whether it is supported by hardware or not, Jon Prosser also indicated that some PVT engineering machines do not have this option, so it cannot be said that the 120Hz high brush is stable for the time being.