iPhone 12 and mini officially released to support 5G

The iPhone 12 is officially released, supporting 5G, and the design returns to the straight-edge design of the previous iPhone 4, with five colors including black, white, blue, green, and red.

On the iPhone 12, a brand new design is adopted, and compared with the previous generation iPhone 11, the weight is reduced by 16%, the thickness is reduced by 15, and the volume is reduced by 11%.

On the iPhone 12, a brand-new glass material is used, which Apple calls a super-ceramic panel, which can greatly enhance the firmness of the glass, and maintain effective transparency to maintain light transmission.

On the screen, the iPhone 12 is upgraded to an OLED screen, supporting Apple's XDR technology, and the number of pixels is twice that of the previous iPhone 11.

In terms of performance, the A14 processor is used, which integrates 11.8 billion transistors. The CPU uses a more powerful new six-core design, which has a performance increase of 40% compared with the A12 bionic chip. At the same time, Riot Games announced that the launch of A14 is a good time for its launch of the iOS version of League of Legends.

The camera system uses a brand-new dual camera system, the main camera reaches a large aperture of F1.6, the pixel is 1200W, and the effective light input is increased by 27%, achieving a better camera effect. On the iPhone 12, there is a further upgraded smart HDR 3, which can recognize images more effectively through machine learning and improve image quality.

The MagSafe function is further added to the iPhone 12, this function can charge other devices through the iPhone coil, and better charge.

The wireless charging coil is also improved on the iPhone 12 to make it better to complete wireless charging.

In the end, the iPhone 12mini was also on the stage, and its contents were the same as the iPhone 12. With a screen size of 5.1 inches, it became the world's thinnest 5G mobile phone.

In terms of price, the iPhone 12mini is US$699 and the iPhone 12 is US$799.