IPhone 12 new product release love recycling: new phone release effectively stimulates the growth of recycling

In the early morning of the 14th, the iPhone 12 series was officially unveiled. Unlike previous generations of products, the mini version was added this year and the 5G network was added. The iPhone 12 will officially go on sale on October 23. What follows is that the number of recycling submissions on the Ai Recycling platform has shown a significant increase on the day of release, and the replacement peak is coming soon.

In terms of configuration, the iPhone 12 is made of aluminum alloy, equipped with an A14 processor, dual rear cameras, 5G support, SuperRetinaDisplay BOE OLED display, 4G storage, 128G and 256G storage capacity versions. According to Apple, the purpose of not including wired headsets and chargers in the packaging of the new machine is to reduce carbon emissions and avoid mining and using valuable materials.

According to the Aihui Big Data Research Institute, after the release of iPhone 12 on October 14, the number of single-day recycling submissions on the platform has increased by 5 times compared with normal days. This shows that the release of new phones has a significant stimulus to the growth of mobile phone recycling. According to the big data of Aihuihui, among the TOP3 “most concerns” when consumers recycle their mobile phones, the first is the “recycling price”; the second is the “disposal of the machine after recycling”; the third is the consumer’s data Privacy protection".

For users who want to change their phones, how can they buy new iPhones in a more favorable and convenient way? In this regard, the "one-stop trade-in" launched by JD.com and Aihui has become the first choice of many users. Users only need to select the "one-stop trade-in" service at the Apple product flagship store on JD.com, and they can use the estimated price of the old machine to deduct the price of the new machine, and have the opportunity to receive an additional special subsidy for the old-for-new model (purchasing the old-for-new model = product retail Price-the actual deduction amount of the old machine-the actual replacement subsidy amount). After the order is placed, the staff of Aishuei will deliver the goods to the door and recycle the old machine. At the same time, they will assist the user to complete the data transfer and realize the synchronization of the delivery. In the follow-up, iRecycling will carry out in-depth removal of information from recycled electronic products to ensure the safety of users' personal information.

The "one-stop trade-in" service launched by JD.com and Aihuihui has played a good role in the process of conversion between old and new, saving users the cost of renewing, improving the efficiency of recycling and renewing, and providing more diversified renewal services , To truly realize the one-stop shopping experience of replacing the old with the new one at the same time.