iPhone 12 Pro Max test machine exposure: 120Hz + lidar

iPhone 12 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated mobile phones in the second half of the year, so the relevant news is also very positive. Today, digital blogger Jon Prosser said that he got the PVT test version of iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The screenshots and real machine video released by Jon Prosser show that iPhone 12 Pro Max provides high refresh rate and LiDAR settings.

The size of the bangs has not decreased, but because the screen has increased to 6.7 inches, there are more permanent icons on the left and right sides of the bangs, and the bangs have become smaller in visual perception. In addition, the facial recognition function has also been upgraded, the viewing angle is wider, and it can be recognized even on the table. On the back, the camera module is 10% larger than the previous generation.

It is reported that the release of the PVT version means that the model has entered the pre-production test phase and the hardware is basically determined, so the retail version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is likely to retain the above functions. However, it is reported that only about half of this batch of PVT devices provide 120Hz mode, and there has been news that the screen driver IC does not support 120Hz, so it is still difficult to fully confirm.