iPhone 12 Pro series may use aviation aluminum body: to avoid "sit and bend"

According to the news previously disclosed by Apple, this year’s autumn new product launch will still be held in September, when the new iPhone 12 series flagship and many other hardware, software and services will all meet with you, and the new iPhone 12 series will undoubtedly be The most eye-catching focus will include iPhone 12, iPhone 12Max and iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max two versions, a total of four models. Now there is the latest news. Recently, foreign media revealed that the iPhone12 Pro series will be made of more durable aviation aluminum.

According to the latest news released by foreign media, in order to increase the strength of the fuselage, the new iPhone 12 Pro series will be made of more durable aviation aluminum material to avoid the previous “sit and bend” dilemma. At the same time, in addition to aviation aluminum material, the iPhone 12 Pro series also uses a metal wire drawing process, which can bring a better feel and signal. However, combined with the previously exposed news, the other two iPhone 12 series will not use aviation aluminum material, but the traditional aluminum alloy middle frame, which also means that its strength will still face certain problems.

In other respects, according to previously exposed news, the new iPhone 12 series will continue the full-screen design of the notch, and will be equipped with an OLED screen as standard. It uses a flat middle frame similar to the iPhone 4. The two Pro versions will have 10-bit color depth and 120Hz. Refresh rate. The entire system is equipped with an A14 processor based on a 5-nanometer process and supports 5G networks. In addition, this series of new phones will continue the square camera module of the previous one. Among them, two iPhone 12 series are equipped with rear dual cameras, while the two iPhone 12 Pro series will be equipped with rear three cameras, and the top version will also Equipped with LiDAR sensor. More importantly, this series of models will fully support China’s Beidou navigation and positioning system.

It is reported that this year’s Apple autumn new product launch will still be held in September, but it may be launched online. In addition to the protagonist of the iPhone12 series flagship, it will also include a variety of other hardware, software and services, and the content is still quite rich. of. More detailed information, we will wait and see.