iPhone 12 renders exposed, screen has no gaps

Although it is about half a year before the iPhone 12 is released, exposures to this phone have appeared frequently. Recently, overseas netizens released a rendering of the iPhone 12. The picture shows that the iPhone 12 abandoned the design of digging holes, water droplets, bangs, etc. Instead, it placed the front lens, 3D sensor and other components on the forehead.

This design is similar to the shape of domestic Meizu phones. From the picture, the left and right borders of the iPhone 12 are also relatively wide. Of course, this is just an early rendering. It's not yet certain what the iPhone 12 will look like.

In addition, it can be seen from other renderings that the SIM card slot is still on the right, the same as previous rumors about this phone. There is also news that the iPhone 12 Professional will use a 6.7-inch screen and may support a 120Hz refresh rate. iPhone 12 may also support 6GB of operating memory and 5G networks. The iPhone 12 will use the A14 processor and continue to lead in performance, but according to JP Morgan analysts, the iPhone 12 may be delayed by one to two months.