iPhone 12 screen details exposed: LG supplies one, and the rest are Samsung panels

In the early morning of October 14th, the iPhone 12 series was unveiled. Unfortunately, none of the four models of the iPhone 12 series support 120Hz. Regarding the iPhone 12 screen, Korean media has received information from the supply chain that the screens of the four iPhone 12 models are provided by two suppliers, Samsung Display and LG Display.

The screen supply is also divided by the division of labor. Among them, LG Display supplies the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 screen for Apple, and the remaining three iPhone 12s are supplied by Samsung Display.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple plans to produce 70 million iPhone 12 phones by this year. As the iPhone 12 screen suppliers, Samsung Display and LG Display must prepare at least 80 million screens, of which Samsung needs to prepare about 60 million, while LG About 20 million yuan will be prepared.

It is worth mentioning that there have been reports that BOE has also participated in the supply of screens, but this statement was rejected by Korean media. It also stated that BOE will participate in the supply of screens for the official refurbished version of iPhone 12 before the end of the year.