iPhone 13 prototype exposure: Apple tests a non-bangs version, with a maximum storage capacity of 1TB

After waiting for more than 4 years, will the bangs on the iPhone finally be removed?

According to the latest news from MauriQHD, a foreign whistleblower, there is a version of the iPhone 13 prototype that has no bangs at all, but in terms of industrial design, the sacrifice is that the black borders around it are somewhat wide.

Although it is one of the prototypes of the iPhone 13, the whistleblower tends to believe that Apple should wait another year for optimization. It is not excluded that consumers can see such a non-bangs form on the iPhone 14.

Judging from the current known supply chain technology progress, under-screen fingerprints and under-screen cameras are not a problem, but it is unrealistic to implement all the components of Face ID under the screen.

Regarding the iPhone 13 series, digital expert Jon Prosser said in the latest FPT video program that this year’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will also have 1TB models. To some extent, this may leave room for 8K HDR 45FPS video shooting, and it also implies that the iPhone 13/13 mini may provide up to 512GB of storage.