IPhone 9 rumored to be delayed until mid-April

Since Apple has already launched the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air on its official website, according to the news from the past, it seems that the iPhone 9 will also arrive soon. However, according to netizens, this small-screen new machine may not officially meet with us until the second week of April. It is equipped with an A13 bionic processor and has 3GB of memory capacity. It offers two storage capacities of 64GB and 128GB The choice is rumored to be starting at $ 399, or about RMB 2,800.

Biography debuts in the second week of April

According to information previously disclosed by the well-known source SuperDuprTech on Twitter, Apple will successively announce new products on the official website from March 16 to March 20, including Apple TV 4K, iPad Pro, iMac, and iPhone 9 and other products. Therefore, after the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air were put on the shelves last night, naturally many people expect that the iPhone 9 will follow.

However, now some netizens @ 有 有 办 have posted on Weibo that "there is a coveted baby in the second week of April", and it seems to suggest that the highly anticipated iPhone 9 may not meet with us until mid-April . Although this statement is only our speculation, considering that the new version of iOS 13.4 system will not be pushed until March 25, which means that the iPhone 9 may be pre-installed with the new version of the system officially launched in April.

Postponed or linked to outbreak

Previously, the same source disclosed that the internal code of the iPhone 9 was "Boxster", and the processor it was equipped with was indeed A13. And said that it is equipped with Intel baseband chip and Touch ID solution, there will be two 64GB and 128GB storage capacity versions to choose from, which is in line with the information recently exposed.

As for Apple's choice to launch the iPhone 9 in April, it may not be the planned arrangement, but due to the impact of the current epidemic. As early as the end of January this year, there was news from the supply chain that because almost all iPhones in the world were assembled at Foxconn and Pegatron's production bases in China, it was originally scheduled for this year in the event of an epidemic Large-scale production starting in the third week of February will be postponed, so it is reasonable to finalize the debut in mid-April.

Positioning three thousand yuan

It is worth mentioning that there are netizens who are familiar with the situation said that the iPhone 9 may indeed not meet us as scheduled due to the epidemic. Even if it is released, the final release date will have to wait. As for whether the latest exposure of the iPhone 9 Plus will debut simultaneously, there is no accurate information for the time being.

From the current information, the iPhone 9 basically duplicates the design of the iPhone 8. Equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD display supplied by Sharp, retaining the Touch ID Home button, a 12-megapixel single camera on the back, 3GB of memory, and black, red, silver, gold, blue, and yellow. For various color styles, the price starts from 399 US dollars, which translates into about 2800 yuan (USD $400) . However, the price of the future Chinese Mainland License version should be locked at 3,000 yuan (USD $429) , and the iPhone 8 series will be sold at a reduced price.