iPhone12 cancels accessories for environmental protection? This country still sends headphones

In the early hours of this morning, Apple announced at the press conference that the iPhone 12 series does not come with a headphone charger, and the iPhone products on sale (including SE, 11, XR, etc.) have also cancelled these accessories simultaneously. According to Apple's official website in China, iPhones purchased through the official website now only provide a USB-C to Lightning data cable.

However, a careful friend discovered that the iPhone 12 series phones currently sold on the French official website are still equipped with Lightning EarPods wired headphones.

It is reported that this is because France enacted a legal provision in 2010: "If a mobile phone does not have accessories to limit the head's exposure to radio radiation during communication, it cannot be sold." Therefore, the French version of the iPhone is still in the box. The wired headset is retained.

Some netizens also questioned Apple’s dismissal of accessories because of environmental protection, saying: “In the past, most of the chargers provided with the iPhone were 5 watts output from the USB-A port, but now the data cables given by Apple are all USB-C output. Do not re-purchase. And does the newly launched 20W USB-C charging head on the official website also need to be packaged, causing additional carbon emissions?"

Regarding Apple's cancellation of accessories, do you think that it is more environmentally friendly or economical?