iPhone12 mass production information is not reliable, celebrities revealed that flagship release in the second half of the year will be affected

On March 25, according to the foreign media 9to5mac report, Foxconn has currently recruited enough workers to meet "seasonal demand", which means that Foxconn has fully restored production capacity and has begun preparations for mass production of the iPhone 12 in the second half of the year. In response, Pan Jiutang, a partner of the Xiaomi Industry Investment Department, said that the report was unreliable and received the influence of force majeure this year. It is unknown whether the flagship machines of the second half of the year will be released as scheduled.

According to Pan Jiutang, according to the past normal situation, the new iPhones began mass production in July, climbed from August to September, and reached the peak of production from October to December. However, in the beginning of the year, product sales and industrial chains across the country have been hit severely, and production capacity has not recovered so quickly.

In response, Brad Gastwirth, chief technology strategist at Wedbush Securities, said in a recent report to investors that even if China returns to normal, the epidemic may affect other supply-oriented regions. Although Chinese production is improving, the electronics industry's supply chain may still be severely disrupted.

In other words, for the normal release, mass production, and supply of the iPhone 12 series, many people in the industry still report a pessimistic attitude. After all, it is not just our country that is affected, but most countries and regions of the entire world.

Although before that, there are media reports that the iPhone 12 series will adopt OLED screens uniformly, and will be equipped with different screen sizes from 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.7 inches. However, if the influence of force majeure is taken into consideration, this year's iPhone 12 may indeed be postponed, or there may be difficulties in product supply.