iPhone12's best partner Apple's high-end noise-canceling headphones released at the end of this month

In recent days, Apple has removed third-party brand headset products from its official website. Some friends have guessed that Apple is about to launch a new headset product. So the breaking news also confirmed this point, Apple is about to launch a headset.

Since the release of the AirPods series, not only has the true wireless Bluetooth headsets become very popular in the entire mobile phone market, they have also become one of Apple's best-selling products. So this year Apple is likely to launch the headset AirPods Studio, and will be launched in late October, which will also become the best partner of the iPhone 12 series.

This headset should have a good sound quality performance, excellent noise reduction level, and it is said that AirPods Studio also has a wearing sensor function, that is, by detecting the wearing state of the headset, after detecting that the headset is removed, the music playback can be automatically paused and restarted. The music with headphones will continue to play automatically. In addition, the previous AirPods series products did not support adjusting the volume, this time we will make up for the regret on the AirPods Studio series.

However, judging from the two renderings, although the design of AirPods Studio this time is very simple, it is a bit ugly. It is reported that this headset will start at 349 US dollars, the most expensive version is 599 US dollars, and the most expensive version in China may be 5000 yuan (USD $714) .