iPhone9 test has been completed, development prices for emerging markets have surprises

According to sources, Apple has ended testing of the iPhone 9 and its main sales market is India and other emerging markets. It has not yet determined whether it will be listed on the mainland. It may be released in September this year.

The overall design of the aircraft is basically consistent with the previous news, and will use a design similar to the iPhone 8. The front is equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD display, while retaining the design of large forehead / chin and Touch ID Home button. However, in terms of details, the iPhone 9 will use the frosted glass back panel on the iPhone 11 Pro series, and it will also be equipped with a stainless steel highlight frame. The texture of the whole machine will be greatly improved.

In terms of core configuration, the iPhone 9 will be equipped with an A13 processor, which is also the most powerful processor on the market today. Provides 3GB + 64 and 128GB storage specifications; built-in 2000mAh battery, and supports IP68 waterproof and wireless charging. In terms of price, Apple ’s chief "blowman" Guo Mingxuan revealed that the 64G version of the iPhone 9 is priced at $ 399 (about 2737 yuan (USD $391) ), and the 128G version is priced at $ 449 or $ 499 (about 3080 yuan (USD $440) or 3423 yuan (USD $489) ). This also allows more consumers to enjoy the excellent experience brought by the iPhone at a lower price.