Iqoo 120W fast charging makes a stunning appearance in 2020 ChinaJoy, and the atmosphere is very hot

Today, China joy 2020 officially opened in Shanghai. Due to well-known reasons, many exhibitions this year are held in the form of online conferences. Fortunately, as the situation gradually improves, China joy in 2020 can be held as scheduled. This also makes consumers pay special attention to this year’s ChinaJoy, and major manufacturers have tried their best to attract attention. During this period, iqoo, a mobile phone manufacturer, demonstrated the 120W fast charging technology named & quot; flashcharge 120W & rdquo;, which was very impressive in only 15 minutes. Iqoo also became one of the most outstanding exhibitors on the China joy site.

Iqoo’s ChinaJoy on-site booth uses the classic black and orange collocation, and the booth is located in hall e4-03. The highlight of the iqoo booth is the first display of the new 120W fast charging flagship. In fact, iqoo held a press conference on the launch of iqoo earlier, announcing the detailed technology of 120W fast charging. Iqoo’s flashcharge 120W fast charging technology adopts a newly designed 20V / 6A charging scheme. Through the brand-new 6C cell, half voltage double charge pump and double cell series connection technology, iqoo can convert 20V / 6A into 5V / 12a current. It is officially claimed that the equivalent 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

At iqoo ChinaJoy booth, we witnessed the whole rumored 120W fast charging technology. On the spot, we can see that the 120W fast charging is not a false name. It can be charged 51% in 5 minutes and fully charged in 15 minutes when the remaining 1% power of the exhibition stand is measured. The whole charging process can be described as “fast and accurate”, and the audience couldn’t help calling out “too fast”;.

In addition to higher power and faster charging speed, iqoo’s flashcharge 120W fast charging has made a number of optimization in terms of safety. The hardware support of 6C cell, MTW array ear structure and independent temperature control induction chip make the whole charging process faster and more stable and safe. It is worth mentioning that iqoo’s new flagship, which will be released in August, is the first 120W fast charging mobile phone to obtain the safety and quick charging certification of TUV in Germany.

according to iqoo official disclosure, the flash charge 120W fast charging displayed on ChinaJoy has been put into mass production and will be carried on the flagship aircraft to be released in August. In the past, the slow charging of mobile phones has been a pain point for users and industries. But with the new flagship of iQOO, the 120W charging will fall to the ground, and its strong charging efficiency will definitely accelerate the mobile phone industry to enter &ldquo. The Kwai &rdquo era will also save more precious time for users. Now I can’t wait to see the new flagship of iQOO released in August.

In this conference, iqoo booth design is quite unique, in addition to the above-mentioned 120W fast charging exhibition area. Iqoo also divides the booth into several experience zones, such as AI Jue Wu Jing, iqoo equipment library, 144hz archive, strong audio-visual room, strong endurance experience field, and powerful function experience field, so that visitors can experience the advanced technology of iqoo mobile phone from different aspects.

Here you can experience the smooth game pictures brought by iqoo neo3’s 144hz speed screen; have an extreme competition with AI in the realm of AI’s absolute enlightenment; experience the hifi sound quality of iqoo as a music enthusiast; and experience 5g download speed. But compared with these regions, iqoo King’s game seems to be more attractive to everyone.

Here, players use iqoo neo3 to launch the “King’s Honor” 5v5 battle, the game ups and downs, causing the audience to scream. Since its release, iqoo ne3 has conquered many mobile game enthusiasts by virtue of the snapdragon 865 processor, 144hz high refresh rate racing screen and 12gb large running memory. The iqoo ne3 has built-in iqoo E-sports mode optimized by KPL events, the newly upgraded 4D game sense 2.0, and the hifi sound effect of the game. I believe that with the powerful performance of iqoo ne3, the live players will enjoy themselves more.

The iqoo booth of ChinaJoy not only let us feel the charging speed of flashcharge 120W, but also showed us iqoo & amp; young attitude from hardware and software. If you want to experience the magic power of electronic competition with great sense of science and technology in ChinaJoy booth, you may as well visit iqoo booth.