iQOO 5 experience: a flagship direct screen performance worth choosing

The iPhone 12 will be released in the near future. Perhaps many users are looking forward to it. The author is also an iPhone user for many years. The iPhone X is still the main machine. Like everyone before, I look forward to the release of the iPhone 12. Soon I got the opportunity to experience iQOO 5. At the beginning of the period, I was still worried about the various inconveniences caused by changing the system. In just a few days of using iQOO 5 as the main machine, I not only re-examined the “Android flagship” , It also makes me hesitate that the next mobile phone must be the iPhone 12?

In the past, “bucket machine” does not seem to be a commendatory term. The word “bucket” gives people a first impression of no bright spots and no specialties. In recent days, “bucket machine” seems to have become the highest praise. , There is no shortcoming in all aspects to be called a bucket machine.

iQOO 5 is equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, LPDDR5+USF3.1, 120Hz refresh rate/240Hz sampling rate, 2K screen, 55W fast charge, and the rear adopts a 50-megapixel main camera with a large bottom and a 13-megapixel professional portrait lens And 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens. Full-featured NFC, wifi 6 super large VC soaking plate to ensure heat dissipation, etc. From the book configuration, IQOO can be said to have equipped iQOO 5 with the top configuration that can be equipped, iQOO 5 is called the “perfect bucket flagship”.

Running points should be the most intuitive way to reflect the performance of a mobile phone. AnTuTu scored 632940, ranking first in the AnTuTu performance rankings, and it is currently one of the most outstanding Android flagship phones. With the Snapdragon 865 in the second half of 2020, iQOO 5 is still in the first echelon in performance. With LPDDR5 and USF3.1, it will not lag behind in performance in the future.

At present, all major flagships are pursuing high screen-to-body ratio and are beginning to use curved screens, but curved screens are not the best experience in gaming. Therefore, iQOO 5 provides another direct screen option for many players. In actual use , The accidental touch situation is indeed reduced compared with the curved screen. This Samsung 2.5D straight screen panel not only has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, but also has an ultra-high sampling rate of 240Hz. In the hands of my mobile game “caiji”, it also Can clearly experience a completely different operating experience.

In the past “Peace Elite”, the biggest feeling in the past was “the hand is not enough”, the finger is swiped, the front sight has to wait to follow it, and the 240Hz high sampling rate of iQOO 5 really allows me to “point where to hit” What”, no longer feel rushed.

In addition, the iQOO 5 series brings a newly upgraded Eagle Eye Display Enhancement 2.0, which automatically recognizes the game scene, and makes the dark or bright parts of the picture clearer by improving the saturation of the picture and enhancing the detailed texture. Look for the “old 6” simpler. With Game Eye 2.0, it greatly reduces the fatigue caused by the game.

As a text worker, codewords have become a very important part of daily life, and have always been adhering to the concept of “you can use a computer without a mobile phone”. One of the most important reasons is the use of the computer’s red-axis keyboard. The sound and feel every time you type Both give people a unique “pleasure”, which cannot be brought by the mobile phone when the input is complete.

And what surprises me most is the simulated mechanical keyboard jointly developed on iQOO 5 with Logitech G. Not only can I hear the clicking sound when using the mechanical keyboard, but also give the finger button-like feedback through the linear motor, which can experience 9 A mechanical keyboard, simulating 3 kinds of vibration effects of red axis, green axis and tea axis.

Of course, the linear motor on iQOO 5 is not only that, but it can also be adapted to the game. In “Peace Elite”, it can give me a more realistic recoil vibration when shooting, and the steering wheel shakes when driving through potholes. , Let me truly experience the feeling of “bouncing”. The 120Hz smooth picture, the operation with my hands, and the vibration in the game all gave me a real game experience beyond the previous ones.

iQOO has become the designated machine for KPL official events since the beginning of last year, which is enough to prove its excellent strength, and “soft and hard combination” is the housekeeping skill of iQOO 5.

Quite different from the low-key and steady appearance of iQOO 5, iQOO e-sports mode + Monster mode should be the most e-sports sense I have seen in non-e-sports phones. When Monster mode is turned on, wallpapers, icons, and system animations are completely different and cool. It should be the most appropriate adjective. In the test of “King of Honor”, the special effects are all fully extended, and the frame rate can still be stabilized above 60. At the same time, it is optimized for the thread complexity of large-scale games. According to the needs of different threads, different cores or cores in the processor are mobilized. Small core to maintain overall stability.

At the same time, iQOO 5 can obtain the death information of the character according to the “Honor of Kings” game interface, and save the 7-second image before death through the recording function. “Death Replay” helps the player to resume the game and analyze the cause of the failure. The smart game partner can also remind me not to play for a long time when “head”, and remind me when I am addicted to movies that wearing headphones for too long will damage my hearing. It may not let me put down the phone right away, but at least one voice tells me I “should take a break.”

At the same time as games, most of them also have the word “video”. The iQOO 5 video and audio part are equally powerful. The screen is certified by SGS, which can reduce the harmful blue light of the screen to less than 7.5%, and reduce the screen power consumption, and its dynamic drag length Only 0.7mm, the response time of the dynamic image is only 11ms, and the screen response is more agile. It not only supports outdoor sunlight screen display under strong light and accurate color reproduction of 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, but also supports HDR10 and HDR10+ high dynamic range video playback.

iQOO 5 is equipped with two professionally customized ultra-linear large-amplitude 1210-core internal magnetic speaker units, 0.5mm amplitude speaker core, and independent CS43131 HIFI chip. The “small gold standard” certification demonstrates its excellent strength. When watching movies, martial arts and gun battles make people feel “immersive”, and the game can also bring us more accurate “audio position recognition” and sound effects experience.

Gaming phones, camera phones, and audio-visual phones. At a time when all kinds of “label phones” are popular, a mobile phone that takes care of everything is even more valuable. It is not a game phone that weighs “half a catty” and compromises everywhere to play games. It’s not that camera phones have to abandon performance; excellent phones should take into account more use environments. iQOO 5 is the balanced flagship that is omnipotent for listening to music, playing games, watching movies, and making blockbuster movies, starting at 3998 yuan (USD $571) The price is enough to show that iQOO 5 is full of sincerity.