iQOO Neo5 supports 120-frame game insertion: opening a new era of high-frame games

On March 10, 2021, @iQOO mobile phone official Weibo put forward the concept of “True High Frame” and announced that iQOO Neo5 brings a 120-frame high-frame-rate silky experience to a variety of games with the help of independent display chip inserting technology, giving full play to 120Hz The advantage of high-swipe screen.

Currently, games that support high frame rate mode are limited, and it is difficult to take full advantage of the advantages of high refresh screen. “The game is not enough, insert the frame to make up.” iQOO works with game manufacturers to use the strong MEMC frame interpolation function of the independent display chip to calculate the transition frame between the two frames of the game and increase the game frame rate to a maximum of 120 frames. Frame rate games obtain the display effects of high frame rate games, bringing 120 frames of high frames to 5 games including “End of the World”, “Perfect World”, “Tianyu”, “Fifth Personality” and “Bang Huai 3” Rate experience, with less power consumption to enjoy a smoother travel experience.

At the same time, iQOO Neo5 also brings “Ace Warrior”, “Shen and Demon Continent”, “New Swordsman”, “My World”, and “Delicate Battle!” Ping An Jing, “Quantum Attack”, “Slam Dunk”, “Metro Parkour”, “Air War Front”, “Scar of Zero”, “Blue Oath” and “Peak Tank Armored Battle Hymn” with 12 original high The first batch of experience of the frame game, fully demonstrate the charm of the flagship high-brush screen.

The “dual-core flagship” iQOO Neo5 has a strong product strength. It is equipped with a “performance super body” composed of Snapdragon 870, enhanced UFS 3.1 and memory. It has a 120Hz high-brush AMOLED display with a calibrated color temperature on a piece-by-piece basis. It is equipped with 66W flash charging and The 4400mAh large battery and the full-covered liquid-cooled cooling solution system are powerful enough.

With flagship performance and independent display chip, it supports up to 120 frames of game frame insertion function, “120Hz high screen refresh + 120 frames game is the flagship configuration”, with the arrival of the new product launch conference on March 16, “dual core flagship” iQOO Neo5 is about to fully open a new era of high frame rate games!