iQOO new machine enters the network 66W flash charging equipped with Snapdragon 870

With the coming of the new year, the new wave of 2021 is also coming. A new vivo phone was exposed a few days ago, or it will be iQOO Neo5.

Digital [email protected]数码闲聊站 announced a picture of vivo’s mid-range products entering the network. This phone will support up to 20V 3.3A 66W flash charging technology, and will also adopt a dual-cell solution.

A lot of related news has been exposed before, including a netizen posted a spy photo of iQOO Neo5. In the photo, you can see that this phone uses the Snapdragon 870 processor and has 8GB of memory. OriginOS system. In addition, including 120Hz refresh rate screen, large battery, etc. are also expected to be carried on iQOO Neo5.

The product positioning of the iQOO Neo series is that it is very cost-effective and brings high-quality products. I believe this iQOO Neo5 will not let us down.