Iqoo’s first 120W ultra fast flash charging product with Rhine certification appeared in ChinaJoy

The annual 2020 ChinaJoy has arrived as scheduled. This exhibition has added two themes, which are the most popular fashion toy exhibition for young people and luoshang Huafu & middot; appreciation, and launched the online exhibition mode & quot; ChinaJoy plus & quot; online exhibition for the first time, so that players from all over the country can watch the exhibition online without leaving their homes. On the first day of the exhibition, iqoo booths set off the ChinaJoy venue with a new flagship machine equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, a series of interactive experience space of & quot; iqoo nuclear power base & quot; and sincere welfare. It became a gathering place for digital lovers and mobile game players, and the scene was extremely popular and lively.

Iqoo, as a mobile phone brand that has been in the field of E-sports for many years, is recognized and loved by the majority of young players. At this China joy exhibition, iqoo has carefully built a series of E-sports experience spaces with a strong sense of science and technology, and also brought the latest flagship models equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology as well as its full range of mobile phones, which made countless visitors enjoy themselves.

The most popular star in the audience was the flagship new machine equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology. With the strong strength of the leading industry, it can charge 50% of the power for 4000mAh large battery in 5 minutes, and 100% of the battery power can be reached in 15 minutes, which completely subverts the existing mobile phone charging experience of users. In order to have a hands-on experience of the new machine, many digital enthusiasts have made a special trip to the iqoo exhibition area before the first day of ChinaJoy. This new model is iqoo’s first 120W ultra fast flash charging product certified by Rhein T & uuml; V. As a leading testing company in the world, T & uuml; V is regarded as the synonym of product standards and strict quality assurance. According to news, this flagship new machine will be put into mass production soon.

Iqoo 120W ultra fast flash charging product has been certified by Rhein T & uuml; V safety fast charging

In addition, the “King’s game” and “state of absolute enlightenment” experience area in the booth has also attracted many players to pick up iqoo mobile phones and have a good fight;! By signing up for the fierce team competition and thrilling man-machine duel, the players can not only experience the powerful E-sports strength of iqoo mobile phone, but also win some surprise prizes such as customized Honor badge and customized game handle! All MVP players will also win one iqoo neo3 mobile phone.

As a mobile phone brand that is familiar with the new generation of people, iqoo exhibition area also has rich experience areas: iqoo equipment library, all series of iqoo models, hands-on experience; 144hz file library, intuitive experience of high refresh rate under the visual feast; powerful audio-visual room, experience around the immersive audio-visual scene; strong endurance experience field, on-site experience what is too long to be unreasonable; strong performance experience Field, a glimpse of how fast the read-write speed of the fast processor; the powerful function experience field, the hidden functions of iqoo game; the ultimate experience brought by iqoo’s powerful strength, all of which impressed the on-site visitors and gained a lot.

It is reported that iqoo’s booth will continue until August 3, with wonderful interactive experience activities and live competitions waiting for you every day. Interested digital fans and game players must not miss!