Irobot i7/Cobos Super King/Cloud Whale White Whale is really versatile compared to sweeping and dragging

With the accelerating pace of people's life and work now, sweepers have become the choice of many families. With sweepers, we can free our hands and no longer need to clean the ground ourselves. An excellent sweeper can share our housework and become our helper. However, there are many types of sweepers on the market. How to choose an excellent sweeper?

From left to right, the products in the picture are iRobot i7, Cobos Super King, Cloud Whale Little Beluga

Today, we got three hot-selling sweeping robots on the market, namely irobot i7, Cobos Super King and Cloud Whale Little Beluga. Through the actual use of these three sweeping robots, let’s take a look at the current hot-selling sweeping robots. How do the three sweeping robots perform?

Cobos Super King

1. Appearance

First, let's take a look at the exterior design of Cobos Super King. Cobos Super King adopts the more common circular body design of sweeping robots with pure white color. The navigation sensor of the fuselage is matched with champagne gold color, reflecting its flagship identity.

There is only one button on the body of Cobos Super King. Press it to start the sweeping robot, and press it again to pause the cleaning. The operation is also very simple.

The other buttons of Cobos Super King are hidden under the cover of the fuselage, which hides the buttons that we usually use less, and also makes the fuselage look more concise.

Cobos Super King adopts TrueDetect 3D technology and adds a 3D structured light design in the front of the fuselage, including a camera in the middle and structured light dot projectors on both sides. Its advantage is that it can recognize finer objects. It can provide more accurate obstacle avoidance capabilities for the sweeper, and we will also show you the obstacle avoidance effect of Cobos Super King.

From the side view, the body of the Cobos Super King is relatively slim. The advantage of this is that the Cobos Super King can enter under the sofa and bed for cleaning, which will remove some of the usual Dead spots that we could not clean were also cleaned up.

The highest point of the Cobos Super King is the navigation radar used to plan the path. A sweeper's recognition of the cleaning space and path planning are all based on it.

2. Obstacle avoidance

The ability to avoid obstacles is a very important ability of the sweeping robot. With this ability, the sweeping robot can move around in the complex home environment without being stuck. Moreover, the excellent obstacle avoidance ability can also assist the navigation system of the sweeper, which can accurately compare obstacles when cleaning, and provide more comprehensive and efficient cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, Cobos Super King uses 3D structured light technology, which is the same as the unlocking technology of the iPhone. The front camera or the three-dimensional information in front of the fuselage can be used to avoid obstacles. The advantage of 3D structured light technology is that it can accurately identify the volume of objects, and the accuracy is high, even small objects such as wires can be identified.

We can see that when the Cobos Super King sweeps to the corner, there is no need to collide, relying on 3D structured light technology, it can accurately identify the wall, so as to avoid it, and can quickly turn from the corner to clean. The area undergoes further cleaning.

When cleaning to the vicinity of the swivel chair, the roller can also be recognized, and even in a very small area, it can be turned to avoid.

With the increase of home appliances, some wires, charging cables, etc. will inevitably appear in the home. Cobos Super King’s 3D structured light technology can accurately identify and compare wires, thus ensuring the safety of home appliances. At the same time, it also ensures that the sweeper itself will not be entangled by wires, so that the sweeper can clean more consistently.

In terms of navigation, Cobos Super King uses dToF radar for navigation. The radar emits light pulses. When it encounters a wall or an object, it will reflect. Therefore, there will be a time difference in receiving the signal. Size and distance. Cobos Super King's dToF radar can produce three-dimensional images, which is consistent with the previous iPad's dToF technology.

Cobos Super King has higher accuracy for object detection and longer distance. With the support of the algorithm, in daily use, Cobos Super Power will clean along the edge of the house. After cleaning the surrounding area, it will travel back and forth according to the planned route to clean the indoor floor.

We can understand the TrueDetect 3D technology of Cobos Super King as the eyes of the sweeping robot, allowing the sweeping robot to see obstacles on the sweeping path, so as to accurately avoid it, and the radar is a navigation system that recognizes the environment To provide cleaning path planning for the sweeping robot, the two cooperate with each other to achieve more efficient cleaning.

3. Cleaning ability

As a sweeper, the most important thing is the ability to clean the ground. Let's take a look at the performance of Cobos Super King in this regard through the structure of the plot module and a few simple cleaning ability tests.

The cleaning structure of Cobos Super King is composed of side brush, main brush, west mouth and mop support, which can realize the function of cleaning the floor and mopping the floor.

Cobos Super King is equipped with a double-sided brush. Compared with a single-sided brush, the double-sided brush has an advantage, that is, when cleaning, the double-sided brush rotates inward, which can gather the garbage on the ground and make cleaning more convenient.

In terms of the main brush, Cobos Super King uses a roller brush that combines silica gel and a brush, which has excellent cleaning ability whether it is large particles or dust. At the same time, a floating roller brush design is adopted, and the dust collection system can deeply clean the floor gaps and the dust deep in the carpet.

The rear of the machine is the location of the water tank and the mop bracket, and the mopping function is realized through this module.

Cleaning test: To test its cleaning ability, we used soybeans to simulate the particulate waste that can be seen in daily life to test its cleaning ability.

As you can see from the picture, Cobos Super King cleans up the soybeans in one go. Based on experience, the robot that passes this test can clean most of the granular garbage in the house.

In addition to granular garbage, dusty garbage is also one of the items that sweeping robots need to deal with in daily life. We use flour to simulate and test the cleaning ability of Cobos Super King.

From the moving picture, we can see that Cobos Super King cleans up the flour very cleanly, which proves that it can handle the daily dust cleaning.

After watching the cleaning test of Cobos Super King, let's take a look at its performance in mopping the floor. The water tank of Cobos Super King is located at the rear of the robot, which is easy to install, and the water output of the water tank can be adjusted according to the needs, so that the water control is more accurate.

Cobos Super King provides a washable rag, which is installed on the bracket through Velcro. It is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. When you need to clean it, you only need to remove it for washing.

Mopping test: For the mopping function, we choose to use soy sauce to simulate the stains on the ground, and see if Cobos can completely wipe it clean.

Through the test, we can see that when Cobos Super King passes through the stain, the stain is basically cleaned up after one pass.

In addition to the ordinary wiping module, Cobos Super King is also equipped with OZMO electric high-frequency wiping components. Through this component, Cobos Super King can simulate the manual reciprocating wiping method, and through the motor, it can achieve 480 times/min high frequency friction to bring stronger cleaning ability without increasing the thickness of the fuselage.

When testing the OZMO electric high-frequency wiping component, we chose the tomato sauce, which is more difficult to clean, to see if Cobos Super King can help us clean it up.

It should be noted that the use of OZMO electric high-frequency mopping components should be combined with Dibao's special disposable mop. This is a disposable mop that can be discarded directly after cleaning. It is clean and hygienic, and the floor can be cleaned every time.

After testing, even the ketchup did not stump the Cobos Super King, this kind of mopping ability is still very powerful.

Whether it is cleaning or mopping the floor, the performance of Cobos Super King is very good, and Cobos Super King can support two tasks at the same time, and complete two tasks at one time. The efficient cleaning ability is also Cobos. A big advantage of Super King.

4. Self-cleaning ability

Cobos Super King supports self-cleaning function, and its base inherits two functions of charging and automatic dust collection. In the past, after the sweeper was cleaned, we all needed to clean the dust box manually, but the Cobos Super King can collect the garbage in the dust box into the dust bag of the base by itself through this automatic dust collector. We don’t need to do it manually, it can be said to be the gospel of “lazy people”.

The dust collection base of Cobos Super King needs to be used with a special dust collection box. The dust collection box has two dust collection openings, which can transfer the garbage in the dust box to the dust bag in the base of the fuselage.

Correspondingly, there are two air vents on the dust collector of Cobos Super King, which can clean the garbage in the dust box from both sides.

It just so happens that there are some soybeans and paper scraps in the cleaned Cobos Super King dust box. Let's see how the automatic dust collection function of this sweeping robot performs.

When the dust collecting base is activated, the running sound of Cobos Super King is 77.4dBA.

After the automatic dust collection is completed, we can see that the soybeans and paper scraps in the dust box have been basically cleaned up, and the effect is very good. The two-way vacuuming can clean up the garbage in the dust box more evenly.

Cobos Super King has a large-size dust bag. According to official data, under normal use, the dust bag can be cleaned once every 30 days, so we only need to clean the dust bag once a month. It's very convenient.

The dust bag of Cobos Super King is also very convenient to clean. Press the top to open the dust collecting seat. When you see the dust bag, you can remove it with a slight pull. When the dust bag is removed, the mouth of the dust bag will be automatically closed to prevent garbage or dust from being scattered.

5. APP use

In terms of software functions, the performance of Cobos Super King is also very good. Through the APP, we can set the suction power and water volume of the sweeping robot, or set different suction power and water volume according to different rooms, and the personalized settings are more abundant. . In addition, you can also set a custom cleaning area for directional cleaning. If the home is a duplex, you can also choose a multi-floor map to meet the cleaning needs of the whole family.

In the APP, we can also manage the map information and perform customized cleaning for different maps. In the map, we can set up a virtual wall or manually partition, and we can make your own cleaning plan. In conjunction with the scheduled cleaning function in the APP, regular and customized floor cleaning can be realized through the APP.

In the APP of Cobos Super King, we can also view the cleaning log of the sweeper, including the date, cleaning time, cleaning area and other information can be recorded. At the same time, you can also check the usage of Cobos Super King consumables. If consumables need to be replaced, you can place an order directly through the APP, which is very convenient.