Is it stockpiling or deep optimization? Honor 50 Pro 100 million pixel main camera night scene test

Today we continue the topic of the 100-megapixel camera of the Honor 50 series. Last week, we conducted a photo test on the 100-megapixel main camera of the Honor 50 Pro. In a daytime environment with sufficient light, the Honor 50 Pro uses 100 million pixels. The details of the photos taken by the camera are quite shocking, and it also brings better picture quality in the pixel 9-in-1 mode. Today we will take a look at the performance of this 100-megapixel camera in night scene mode.

The night scene mode on the Honor mobile phone has always had very good results, and the Honor 50 Pro uses a 100-megapixel camera. In the night scene mode, the pixel 9-in-1 mode is used, so that the size of a single pixel reaches 2.1μm, and it is matched with f1. .9 large aperture, can greatly increase the amount of light, coupled with the Honor of the AIS super night scene algorithm, can shoot a dark and bright night scene with rich details.

Night scene mode

Let’s take a look at this sample of the night scene of the customs building. Through zooming in on the details, we can see that the Honor 50 Pro uses the night scene mode to show the details very well. Even in the night scene mode, the texture of the stone is very clear, and there is no serious smearing. At the same time, you can see that the sky is very clean, there is no serious noise, and the whole picture is very transparent.

The so-called night scene mode, of course, must bring out the theme of “night”. The night scene mode of Honor 50 Pro does not shoot “dark night” as “light as day”. The proper light control makes “light” and “dark” distinct. The contrast brought the theme of “night”.

The Honor 50 Pro uses a 100-megapixel main camera, and it still has a very good performance under the Honor Super Night View algorithm. From these samples, you can see that the night view of the Honor 50 Pro is very clean and transparent, and it is effectively controlled. Noise and proper light and dark control greatly improve the quality of night scene photos.

to sum up:

Through two articles about Honor 50 Pro’s 100-megapixel main camera experience, it can be seen that Honor has been quite in place for this 100-megapixel camera. After all, with the new ISP on the new CPU and the new 100 million pixel camera, it is not an easy task to adjust the excellent shooting effect in a short time.

For this 100-megapixel camera, we see that Honor is not a simple stacking of materials. A 100-megapixel photo means a larger amount of data and higher requirements for ISP. The Honor 50 Pro uses a 100-megapixel mode for shooting. The experience is the same as usual, the photo processing speed is also very fast, and Honor has done a good job in optimizing the performance of the ISP. In addition, in the night scene mode, this 100-megapixel camera can also provide excellent performance. These are also inseparable from Honor’s accumulation of imaging technology. We also expect Honor to continue to further optimize this 100-megapixel camera. Further enhance the experience of taking pictures.